Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 15, 2009

Happy Walk, happy walk!

I don't know how you peoples do it! You only have two feet. Four feet is much better. And you don't even have a tail. How do you keep your balance?

The tall guy said I did REALLY good at school today. He gave me some apple when I got home, so I must have done something special. I've only got two more classes to go, so I'll miss all the other puppies in my class. But the tall guy said we would be taking another class on rattlesnake avoidance. I don't know what a rattlesnake is and why I should avoid it, but I guess that's why I have to go to school. If you have any rattlesnakes at your house, don't send them to me!


  1. I had no idea there was such a class. But what a great idea. Jack this is an important one. Do well. :)

  2. We didn't know there was such a class either until we moved out west. So we want to be very careful and not get eated by the snakes!

  3. Yikes... rattlers! We have gigantic pythons down here in the florida keys, but rattle snakes are scarier!
    You are a handsome boy Jack! We are new here but will poke around some soon.
    Moose + Dana (+TeddyNo)