Monday, March 23, 2009

March 23, 2009

My new toy!

Hey, you should see what the tall guy got me (and it's not even my birthday). It's a fabulous swimming pool! I didn't even know you could BUY a swimming pool, but the tall guy said if I was good while he was gone, he would buy me one and DARN IF HE DIDN'T!

But wait, I can hear you say, I see something in the near the tree in your video that looks awfully like your new pool. Silly peoples, that is my sandbox (so I can dig and dig and not dig up the new yard that is coming soon - the tall guy said it was going to be something called GRASS). So even though it may look like my new pool, it is really my old sandbox. I've had that for almost a week now!

So, here is me trying out my new pool. I found out that if I stick my nose under the water, I can make bubbles and it makes the tall guy laugh. He said he can make bubbles in the water too, but I don't think my pool is big enough for him!


  1. Ohhhh lucky boy! Sorry you lost something in the pool already though, must have been pretty important too since you were looking so hard!

  2. Wow, you are so lucky that you have your very own pool Jack! We really like the video! You seem to take interest in the edges of the pool...

    Benson and Gibson

  3. Yes, Jack takes an interest in anything plastic that he can chew. He also got dirt in the water and it was floating around the edges. He seems to think he can make it go away if he steps on it!

  4. Nice present! You are a lucky puppy! Don't say anything to Rufus but he will get one swimming pool for his birthday too!

    Your fans,
    Rufus, Indie e Lilo

  5. Have fun Jack, Momma Cassie likes to blow bubbles in the water too and then come to lay her head in Momma Theresa's lap!

  6. I believe Byte would love have a pool just like this, but we don't have to many space to install it :(