Friday, May 1, 2009

May 1, 2009

Come play with me..... NOW!!!

Here I am at the dog park TRYING to get Jewels to come play with me. All the peoples love it when I bark under the table, because it is really loud and they just LOVE listening to me bark, especially early in the morning.


  1. You ARE very barky there Jack. There must be a better way to get that other doggy to play with you. Have you tried treats? Woof, Tank

  2. Wow Jewel is being a pain...hehe, I totally agree with you - come and play, besides, why are they at the doggie park if they aren't there to play....LOL

  3. I mistook you for the strong, silent type, but you certainly are a chatty fellow, aren't you???
    I like a man who speaks his mind!

    Wrooo wrooo,