Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 17, 2009

Sunday in the park with Jack

The tall guy took me to the park yesterday and right as we were about ready to come home, some really nice peoples came with their 3 puppies. Well, I asked the tall guy if I could stay for a little while (actually, I just laid down on the ground so the puppies would know I was friendly) and one of the peoples asked the tall guy if I could play with the puppies. Boy, would I!!!

There were 2 really fast boxers and 1 golden retriever puppy who is about the same age that I am. The really nice peoples are watching her for their neighbor who was in the service and was going to be gone for a whole year! That is really great of the peoples to watch the puppy for their neighbor. She (the golden retriever puppy) was really fun and could run really fast and all the puppies listened and came when they were called. I hope they come back to the park next time I am there!

PS. I am sorry the tall guy didn't get a picture of all of us. Here is a picture of the puppy (who didn't get in the picture above) and the golden retriever.


  1. Your doggie park is so much fun! Can we go too?
    Rufus and Indie

  2. woow
    So mutch friends :)
    That park looks like very cool ;)
    Can i go too?

    hugs and kisses from kikos world

  3. I will say it again Jack - you are one lucky puppy! Enjoy your new friends, i'm sure they'll be back : )

  4. You are so good at mentoring the puppies at the park Jack! As for our neighbors Snow White and Pup Pup, we are very sad they are outside dogs. Every now and then their people come out to play but not that often. We were sad that they decided to get a 2nd pup since it is not the best home but at least they play with each other now. Still sad though. Their people give them their basic needs of food water and shelter and they are clean and go to the vet which is all that is legally required or I would do something. Sad, they are nice people but I am not sure why they have dogs. My handyman offered to buy pup pup and the guy said 'no, that's my baby'... I just don't get it.