Thursday, May 7, 2009

May 7, 2009

Is it my breath?

Just kidding! Actually my breath smells like a clean, clear mountain breeze after a gentle spring rain. Or maybe that was just the dryer sheets that I've been eating. (Just kidding again!!)

This is Rudy. He and I played together at the dog park today. The best part was that someone had turned on the sprinklers at the dog park and there were mud puddles everywhere. Needless to say, both Rudy and I were quite the picture by the time we left the dog park!


  1. Hi Jack! You look bigger every day! The first photo is really funny!

  2. Yikes! They actually let you in a car after that??? or did you walk to the park? Looks like fun though! Tank

  3. I always get to ride in the car. The tall guy says he can always get another car but there will only be one ME!

  4. Knowing how chatting you can be, you were probably hurting Rudy's ears...
    Looks like you guys had big time fun in the mud!

  5. Parker says: wow you struck a great deal when getting a tall guy to take care of you - god for you buddy, but ok my mom is awesome too!