Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 23, 2009

Why DO they call it a poodle?

We went to the park and lo and behold, someone had left the sprinkler on and made a nice poodle of water. So, seeing as how I had made the tall guy walk around the park about 5 times, I decided that one of us needed a nice cool wet break, so I just plopped myself down in the water. I am telling you, there is nothing nicer than a cool spot on a warm day. Except Cheetos.

On a completely different note, the tall guy found a website (thanks Marc!) that lets you do some really neat stuff with your pictures. It's in Japanese (I think!), but it's really easy to figure out. Here's one of the pictures we made:

See! Isn't that cool? That's me in the picture. It looks like the guy is drawing my picture and I wasn't even there!

There's like 4 bajillion different things you can do with your pictures. The website is:

If you go, prepare to spend like 200 hours playing. Make lots of fun pictures of your puppies!


  1. Uh Jack - I think you've got your poodles and puddles mixed up there, but kudos to figuring out that Japanese website!

  2. You know the old saying:
    It's raining cats and dogs! Be careful not to step in a POODLE!

    Can't wait to check out the new site...thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks A LOT for telling my mum about that site. Now I'll never get her off the computer to take me to the creek! (But I do look very cool in the pictures!)

  4. Phew - I thought you went to Japan, and that's where that poodle was. Here in Canada we call it a puddle, LOL. Glad you are still in AZ...take care Jack!

  5. it's a PUDDLE not a Poodle Jack! Silly dog! Mom is going to that website for the drawing stuff now - if the old blonde can figure it out I'm sure I'm on my own for a few hours!!!!!!!! gee thanks Jack!

  6. Neat site! I think it's Chinese, actually. Not that it really matters. :)