Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 12, 2010

Shower Head Puppy!

This is what your head will look like if you
stick it in the shower when your peoples are in there!

So, back to our story...
We have breaking glass,
beeping smokey alarms,
vacuum cleaners,
and thunder!

When the smokey alarm went off,
both the tall guy and I woke up and looked at each other.
I didn't know what it was, as I hadn't heard one before.
The tall guy said "Oh well" and then he got up,
so I had to get up and see what he was going to do.
(What he was going to do was
take down the alarm and go back to bed,
because he did not have no 9 volt batteries!)

The tall guy was amazed at how I reacted.
I didn't think it was a big deal.
Evidently, I am the first puppy the tall guy
has ever had who doesn't get bothered by loud noises.
All of his other puppies
(and that is a story that I have to talk to him about)
did NOT like it when the smokey alarms when off.

I'm also the first puppy he has had
who is not afraid of the vacuum cleaner
or the fire engines when they go by at the park.
The tall guy says I have very good hearing,
because I can hear bread being toasted
at 300 yards, but evidently I just got used to
being around noise and since the tall guy
doesn't think it's a big deal,
I guess I just decided it wasn't a big deal either!

As a matter of fact,
I like it when he is using the vacuum cleaner
and I follow him and point out the spots that
he might have missed.

I love watching the fire engines.
(There is a fire station at the big park where we go every day.)
Maybe one day I will get to go ride on one!

So there's the story.
Now we would like to hear how YOU react
when you hear a loud noise.
Or when you get drunk.
Either one will be fine.

(Note from the TG: Jack is right. He is very unusual in that loud noises don't seem to affect him very much. He definitely does not have problems hearing loud noises or soft voices (or food - yes, Jack hears food) but he's the first dog I had that just doesn't seem to be bothered by them. I read about some of the dogs who are very nervous during thunderstorms, but Jack just doesn't want to go out in the rain. The thunder doesn't scare him. He seems to think that the vacuum cleaner is a giant toy and he LOVES watching the fire engines and ambulances when they leave the station house at the park. I don't know what he thinks they are, but he is definitely fascinated by them.

And yes, all I said when I broke the shower doors was 'Oh well'. I was wanting to get rid of them anyway and since I didn't get cut, it was all good. On the other hand, you do NOT want to break glass in your garage as then you have to VERY VERY carefully move the cars, sweep up the glass, sweep up the glass you dropped when you were trying to put it into the trash can, sweep up the glass that you thought you had gotten the first time, move out all the stuff in the garage, sweep up the glass that was hiding behind all the stuff that you have in the garage, sweep up the glass outside the garage that fell off all the stuff that you moved out of the garage, ad infinitum... until you think it's safe to bring your cars back into the garage, because all it takes is ONE tiny piece of glass to ruin a $250.00 tire and then you might say more than 'Oh well'.
As to WHY the shower doors exploded, I have no idea. I had just picked them up and was about to sit them on the ground, so they didn't come in contact anything except my hands.)


  1. Luna doesn’t mind loud noises much, it’s usually objects that move towards her (like the vacuum) that freak her out.

    Elizabeth & Luna

  2. Wow Jack. We'll forever wonder what makes you like vacuuming! I knew you were special all along..

  3. HI Jack
    I dont mind thunder, sirens, alarm noises or any noises, I just tune them out. NOW....that darn floor cleaner,lets say I HATE IT and I bark at it like crazy!!! BOL


  4. Khousin Merdie doesn't mind at all -

    I'm sometimes non-plused by the evil Dyson BUT the little dustbuster type monster makes me bark - Mom says it is too shrill and stuff fur my furry special ears!

    Ah yes: life in the desert!


  5. I am scared of all those things, but our old jack russell used to try bite the lux.

    Happy shower face

  6. Thunder - no issue (good, because we get a lot). Vacuum - no issue (Qannik even likes it when the hu-dad uses the shop-vac on his fur). Firetrucks - problem. Oh, not that we are scared of them. We think they are part of the Sibernacle Choir inviting us to sing, so we all start singing. Apparently that is a problem when we are in public.

  7. Jack, We have one very pressing question.....have you ever completely gotten in the shower with TG?
    Ok we'll move on.

    Mom and I are very very impressed with you lack of concern about noises. Most puppies we know do no like loud noises at all. My human uncle use to vacuum his kitties rather than brush them and they loved it. If Madi isn't on the floor with the vacuum, she is fine with it she just watches. She will not enter a room when it is sucking up ALL her fur. She loves the broom and mop. Thunder doesn't seem to bother her.

    Shower doors: Several months ago I read on a blog about a patio table top exploding just like your shower doors. They both seemed to be made out of similar looking glass. The lady writing about it did some reach which gave a reason but I can't remember. I'll try to find it.
    Happy Thursday,
    Madi and Mom

  8. Jack,

    I has never heard our smoke alarms go off so my reaction to that is still a mystery. Last year when I wuz a wee pup fireworks and thunder scared me a little, not anymores. I ignore the vacuum now but do leave the room when mom or dad is using it. Dad is a mechanic AND he and mom ride Harleys so I am SO used to loud noises ....:)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  9. Hi Jack! Pompei actually likes to be vacuumed with the vacuum hose, and I joke that a bomb could be set off by his head and he wouldn't even blink.
    Texas is the same. Bubbles used to have some phobia's of thunderstorms, and would shake her fur off, but we had a bad one last night and she didn't even roll over in bed. :)


  10. Bella and I don't pay attention to any noise except the crinkle of food wrappers or the sound of a kitchen door opening. Occasionally I will howl with the sirens if they are close by. I do a great siren imitation.

    We often get fosters that have multiple fears. They look to Bella and I for guidance and one of the things we teach them is to ignore thunder, fireworks and sirens. By remaining calm during noise, Bella and I set a good example for the fosters and they quickly learn that nothing is worth interrupting a nap for.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  11. I am very afraid loud noises... but I dont really do much about it.. if we are outside.. I look at the people and turn to walk back in.. if we are far from home.. I run so fast that the people freak out and if its just me and mom..she calls dad to come pick us up and on the 4th of July.. that was awful.. Now normal everyday noises.. I love. Like the sounds in the kitchen. They are my favorite sounds.

    Hey I hear you know strippers..and heard something about you and their Ta-Tas??? BOL!

  12. Woof! Woof! Mmm I sure missed a lot of your previous posts but WHAT? Jack ... Shower Door are sure a special dog. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  13. Rowdy says he's a big sissy when it comes to loud noises. And he hates the vacumm cleaner.

  14. I don't mind loud noises either. I jump in front of the vac and holler at it. Beth said it looks like we are dancing....ha ha, isn't she just the funniest....

  15. Insensitivity to loud noises it what we aim for with service pups in training--but we don't always get it. I have never had a pup that didn't react to loud noises, Ellie was the one that reacted the least but she would still jump sometimes. Jack is such a bullet-proof dog. :)

  16. We don't mind loud noises, except for that vacuum thing you talked about, we tend to get under the bed when Mommy runs it, 'cause we shed a lot and we are afraid she is going to turn it on us...not that she has, but we are very very good a reading her mind and we know that she has thought about it.

  17. Momma Cassie says it's because Momma Theresa makes sure all the Sundancer puppies hear loud noises at a very young age - vacuums, compressors, gunshots (well, they are gundogs!), TV's and anything else she can think of to get them used to it. Momma Cassie likes to watch the fire trucks too, and Uncle Champ thinks the vacuum is a a toy as well! I am so happy Jack is such a good boy for you!

  18. You are my hero Jack. I can handle all noise EXCEPT the smoke alarm. It takes me a long time to recover and I usually refuse to come back in the house after :(

  19. Jack!
    Tell me how you do it?? Thunderstorms don't scare me but many other sounds make me want to run for my life!
    Aaand... sure it was interesting to pick up all those small pieces of glass around the garage!
    Kisses and hugs

  20. Jack, you are a very good would make a good hearing ear dog for a deaf person. I've been busy for several days and had to go back to read all your post. My good gravy, I'm not gone long and all you-know-what breaks loose at your house. Not unlike mine at the moment.


  21. We broke an outside table years ago, and we are still finding glass. I think that is the worst thing about breaking that kind of glass!


  22. No worries about loud sounds here either.

    As for the shower door, clearly aliens at work, duh.


  23. Im not scared of loud noises either jack I think its cause my daddy hunts so Im used to it I see you can stick your head in the shower when your tall guy is in there but i can just run and jump all the way in you should try it sometime its funny when you see theyre faces!! BOL!!

    wags and licks