Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 5, 2010

Hey, look at what this
crazy puppy is doing!

Hi, my name is Jack
and I'm a plast-aholic.

I can't help myself.
I just love chewing on anything plastic,
especially bottles.

I don't EAT it.
I'm not THAT crazy!

The way I look at it:
It's not the leather couch!

or THIS!


  1. That article is hilarious....."My big toe's gone!" :)

    There are worse things to chew on than plastic!

  2. Oh, Jack! Where you eating plastic in public!?



  3. Ha! We heard about that toe eating doggie. First of all, given that it was a terrier, not surprising. They will jump on anything that wiggles. Bet it tasted like chicken, right?

    On the other hand, chewing up the plastic things is kind of not cool, but at least you don't eat it like stupid PeeWee.


  4. Max and Mia love shoelaces.....!!!


  5. Oh, ewwww. Ouchie - toe gone, infection gone! What a way for a toe to go, but not sure plastic's the way to go Jack!
    Sammie and crew

  6. Awww soooooo CUTE, NOM NOM NOM hehee, looks like you are having fun chewing!!!! My beloved Timber used to love crunching on plastic bottles too and wouldn't ever eat them either. She loved the noise it made!!! I would always save my empty soda bottles for her, she would wait for me to finish so she could have them hehe. After a short time she would have her share of crunchy on it making the noise and I'll pick it up. I love your blog and thanks so much for visiting my Furbaby chat blog!!!! ~Hugs~ Lauren, Sharky, ET and Duchess

  7. I've never been THAT drunk to not feel something chewing on my toe. Having a dog I have found they will eat anything. Rowdy pukes on a regular basis because he is always eating something gross.

  8. I saw that on the news! EWWWW!!! Too much information!! But, hey, the drunk guy had all his teeth, so he couldn't have been a hick.

    Jack, be careful. An alligator at the OKC zoo died just yesterday from eating 6 plastic bottles that had been either dropped or thrown into its habitat. Hugs,


  9. Hey Jack!
    What was in the tub?
    A gallon of delicious ice cream to cool you off?!
    A bagful of "Beggin' Strips"?!
    Or maybe a box full of cookies?!

    Thanks for reading our blog! We've been without something called WIFI in a while. Dad said he's "dog tired" from blogging!
    Raider from

  10. Hi, Jack!
    Chewing plastic is pawesome, right?
    I do that too. I just chew it... never eat it!
    Kisses and hugs