Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 15, 2010

What 103 degrees looks like!

The tall guy said it was funny
because lot of peoples were talking about how
HOT it is on their blogs.

Did you guess what this was?
That's right!!
It's a cell phone tower.
(Well it's a SOON-to-be cell phone tower.)

You can see more examples of hidden cell phone towers
by clicking HERE!

And now, something
to make your day a little more peaceful:


  1. That first pic just looks awful. Isn't the sidewalk burning hot?!! Ours sure is and the blacktop on the streets is even worse.

    Jack - try to discourage the TG from looking at YOUTUBE videos. He has very strange taste in that department.

  2. Stop complaining TG, you have dry AZ heat, not this nasty, sticky, 100% humidity heat like we have here in GA!!!
    Of course the hottest place I've ever been in the world is Lake Havasu in Sept. I honestly couldn't breath!

    I was impressed that so many knew the correct answer...I honestly don't get out enough, chuckle!

  3. Shasta here, well kinda - r mom won't take us fer walkie when it iz so hot an'like Ms ~K, we gitz that way high humidity so that 103 feelz like 110an'it haz bin that way all WEEK. But we haz a nice fenced bakyard - Beaglez NEED that fence. We Beaglebratz didn't guess rite - weird thingy anyway. An'that video - made me tired so'z I goin'bak tu bed now.

  4. Poor Jack's paws! Ruby won't walk on the pavement when it's that hot. She stands in the shade at the top of the driveway and asks to go in the car to the trail (where she can run from tree to tree).

    Now, about the video. What I want to know is how the heck you find them?

  5. Hope it cools off for you soon. It's nice here in Maryland right now. I'm with Tank on the videos comment!

  6. Boy is he tall. From that photo he must be at least 3o feet. In this heat the airconditioned deli is the best place to be.

  7. It is supposed to be 113 in the valley, Jack! Mom is going to attempt to go riding (the horse way) this morning - she thinks she might melt right in the saddle!


  8. I be's with Mrs K on dis. We can't breath when we go outside in dis HUMIDITY. It sad when da weather peoples haves warnings about playing outside and to check on da old folks dat live near.
    Dang, da TG is TALL in dat furst pikture...hehehe!


  9. Jack, how tall is the tall guy anyway?

  10. Oh Jack 103 dry degrees looks pretty dang hot !!!
    Mom told me she was in LV once when the temp was 117....but it really didn't feel that hot. I think she got brain damage that day??!!!
    You and TG must have to drink lots of water..that dry heat sneaks up on you. I bet you need booties if you walk on that cemement too long.
    I still think the cell tower would make a great cat tree.
    Madi and om

  11. You guys need to come visit NorCal to get a break from the heat! It might get up to 75 degrees here today. So weird.

  12. That is one tall person!
    Hot, Hot, Hot here too:) I'm done with it and ready for fall!

  13. Hi, Jack!
    I know how it feels those temps!
    Yesterday we had 110 and we were without power!
    That sure was awful!
    I hope you have a nice and relaxing sunday... inside your home... comfy and cool!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. Jack,

    That's hot! I don't know how you can walk on that sidewalk without burning your paws! You must have pads of steel!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie MAe

  15. Hey There! Woof! Guess what? You won an award this morning. Come see!

    Licks of Love,


  16. Jack
    So that is what HOT looks like where you live?? It made me HOTTER just looking at it BOL

    Ummmma cell phone tower huh?? Who knew!! You all have wird towers out west, thats all I can say!!


  17. I mean wierd!! good help is hard to get nowdays!!

  18. 103 degrees????

    We're enjoying a cool 72 here....

  19. Hey! Thanks for that movie! It was indescribable. Gosh, my momma says she never had that much energy in her whole life. That is wild stuff.

    As for the heat. Don't talk to me about it.


  20. I have lived in VA where the humidity is horrible, and I visit Tucson on a regular basis where my family-in-law lives.... let's just say that I am happy to be living in the beautiful state of WA right now! Keep cool there young man!!

    Elizabeth & Luna

  21. Did the TG melt away? Only his shadow pal remains... uh oh

  22. Wow a cell phone tower thats very neat, I seriously would of never guessed that!! I've never seen such a interesting one before!!! We Hope you and the tall one are staying cool this summer!!!!!!!
    ~Hugs~ The Fuzzy Gang