Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 20, 2010

Are we there yet?

Yesterday, the tall guy got in the mood for some 'down-home' cooking, so we went to a place called Cracker Barrel. Well, first of all - no crackers and no barrels. They should call it 'We Just Made Up a Name' store. Puppies, as usual, are not allowed in the No Cracker No Barrel store. So while I sat in the car, the tall guy went in and got his food and brought it back out to the car. But did I get any? No. He even had something called 'country ham' (which I guess is different than city ham) which had this really cute bone in it that looked like a ring, but did I get the bone? No. Did I get applesauce? No. Did I get pinto beans? No. Did I get cold slaw? No (well, that was ok - it just looked like chopped up cabbage to me!) Did I get blackberry cobbler with ice creams? No. What DID I get? A little bitty tiny small piece of biscuit. That's it. So from now on I think we should call it 'Don't bring your puppy because he won't get to eat any of the food not even the bone in the country ham' store. Let's see how well THAT goes over in their advertising!

So, I hereby propose a new rule: You have to share any food you bring back to the car. And I don't mean just the biscuit!

And this just in (from the tall guy): Is your puppy bored? Here's a tip for you to try!


  1. Oh he's SUCH a big spender...I mean a 'LITTLE BIT TINY SMALL PIECE OF BISCUIT'


    I vote woo go eat a sokhkher ball!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  2. Jack
    That is just wrong on so many levels, cruel punishment letting you see and smell all of it and get nothing but a bit of a biscuit!!
    I think they should call it, "Dogs get ZIP here!You can come to my house, I got left over lasanga tonight!!

    Feel for ya buddy

  3. Oh dear. That movie certainly made me glad that I convinced momma not to show me after two times in the ring. I mean some things should only be done at home, right?

    Hey, I agree completely that foodables should be shared with brave car guarding dogs such as ourselves.


  4. Well life just sucks for some dogs and not for others. Yesterday mom and dad went to some Irish place called O'Charley's and Sophie went along for the ROTE. Soph couldn't go in the restaurant but it was a very pleasant day and she took a Soph Nap while mom and dad were in. When they came out they had a styrofoam box with all sorts of goodies for the Doph. Yep, there was 2 pieces of crunchy garlic bread, a sweet roll with butter, and french fries. There was also some hand dipped cod fillet pieces but that was for the KITTIES at home (nothing for the rest of us dogs). On the way home they stopped at Doc Witter's hospital and got Sophie weighed. She was 78 lbs which isn't too bad, but dad says she'll have to drop about 3 pounds. We have 3 No Cracker 7 No Barrel stores here; one of them actually doies have wooden cask barrels out in front with all the rocking chairs though.
    - TBH&K

  5. Jack....that is just plain wrong to bring food to the car and not SHARE!!! Madi and I believe that maybe TG needs a refresher course in sharing. Maybe next week you can enroll him in a Kindergarten near home. They teach sharing, saying please and thank you, waiting your turn and sitting and staying and raising your hand.
    What do you think? Sincerely Madi
    TG that was one fine down home meal you had...did you have sweet iced tea too? Mom

  6. Wow Jack, I think TG is very stingy! (That means "reluctant to part with money or goods.") What other bad traits does TG possess? Maybe you could make a blog post about them (if it wouldn't take up too much room, of course).

  7. We bet TG was real proud of himself for sharing a little bitty tiny piece of biscuit!
    Hope the pinto beans got revenge later!

  8. So jealous!!! Cracker Barrel is my husband's absolute favorite restaurant--but they don't have them here in California. He even wrote to the corporate office, asking them to open one here. But I guess Californians are a little hoity-toity about eating fried food, buttered grits, and fatback ham.

    That okay, Jack, be glad that TG didn't share with you. You can tell him you're watching your boyish figure. ;)

  9. Oh Jack - I know how you feel! I don't get any of the people's food either. Well ok the one thing I do share with mom almost every day is her yogurt and its soooo yummy.

  10. You don't have to look too hard to find a blog post about a doggy with tummy "issues." I think the TG might be trying to spare you from a horrendous condition that, if you have it, makes you wish you would just die and get it over with. Go thank him... profusely. Now.

    It snowed here last night. We have several inches. It's cold. It's windy. It's the first day of Spring. #$%#

  11. Dad: I gather that the food from here is real comfort food - maybe Jack's tum-tum wouldn't have liked it so much - Jack - I am glad you got a biscuit - hope you got to play a lot instead!
    Hugs xo

  12. Jack -- here's the plan....the next time -- YOU put a hat and sunglasses on and go in and get the food. Put the Tall Guy in back and throw him a "Little" piece of biscut!

    Oh yeah, the video -- come on -- REALLY? Where does the Tall Guy find these things!?!

  13. Jack, I second that! I say we start a real movement with petitions and everything. It's a great rule to live by.
    The video....BOL and more of it. What's up with that??? Makes me happy I'm not a bulldog

  14. I am dumbfounded my the great injustice you are reporting Jack! I couldn't agree more about the sharing of foodables. A letter to my Congressman is in order.

  15. If our hu-dad dared bring food INTO the car, there would be a Siberian mugging so fierce that he would have only gotten the piece of biscuit. But he has been known to stop at a Subway (where there are no underground trains, either) and eat a sandwich standing outside the car WITHIN OUR SIGHT. Pure abuse, we say.

  16. Jack -

    What's up with that! Doesn't TG know that they have BACON at the Cracker Barrel. Bacon goes very nicely with their biscuits (those biscuits are one of Mom's favs).

    You got taken my friend. Such a sad state.


  17. The Cracker Barrel? That is one of our "meeting places", when we transport. It is just off the highway and has a lot of lawn out front in case the car ride has been too long. Sometimes we meet the transports coming down from Wyoming or South Dakota and we get to meet new friends. Our humans go inside and they come back out smelling like good stuff, but they don't bring it out to show us. Sometimes they bring out french fries to share, but not the good stuff!

    Good thing too, we can cooperate with one of us creating a distraction while the other one grabs that white box and runs to the back of the SUV.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  18. Whoa... that video... 'Apparently this can boost his prize-winning chances' I think this is a myth spread by bulldogs... for obvious reasons! It begs the question 'how do you make a girl bulldog stand still'?
    As for food sharing. Awesome rule! My momma went to a drive thru once and they forgot the straw for her drink so she parked the car and went in to get one and by the time she came back I had eaten half of her sandwich! Next time TG won't share try to see if you can get him to get out of the car for a minute and go for it!