Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28, 2010

Be vewy vewy qwiet!
I'm huntin' skwirrel!

For some reason, about this same time every year, all the skwirrels decide it's time to come out of hiding! Well, FIE ON THAT, I say. I've noticed that some of the other puppies are keeping an ever vigilant eye out for the evil ones. BUT, they are sneaky. Since so many of the 'trees' out here are covered in pointy things, the evil skwirrels have decided to go underground!

You may have seen me poking my nose in these holes before. There are literally 18 million of them in the park. LITERALLY!

Since they can't climb the trees, they tend to run around on the ground. Mocking me!

And here you see my famous pose: "I think that's a skwirrel but I'm not exactly quite sure, so I'll just lift up my pointing leg a little bit until I am more sure." Actually, it wasn't a skwirrel, so I wasn't quite right this time, but that just goes to show you how crafty the skwirrels are. They are so crafty, they could probably even make these:

(PS: The tall guy says just in case you were wondering, the one on the left is a toilet paper cover and the one on the right is a tissue box cover. Crocheted. For real. Some peoples have these in their houses!)

And now for your Sunday morning enjoyment: HERE!


  1. omg I can't believe I listened to the whole thing. I want that minute and 38 sec. of my life back. How many times have I fallen for this?!! I feel like an idiot.
    Tell the truth Jack - did the TG go in HIS bathroom & take the pic of the tp & tissue covers???
    Good luck with your squirrel hunt. 18 million holes? You better get busy.

  2. Thinking paws ay!

    I'm glad we don't have squirrels in New Zealand, they sound like pesky, pesterous creatures!

    Koda MD

  3. I don't understand Tank's comment. That was a wonderful way to spend 1 minute and 38 seconds. In fact, I remember learning that song in school (not kidding), and I still sing it sometimes (sans the yodeling part)! I also grew up with one of those toilet paper dolls on the back of our commode--but alas, we don't have one now. Can we borrow yours, Jack?

  4. Labs are the best! Check out my blog about my black lab named Sage.

  5. Mom is wondering why we chose to look at this one prior to bedtime -

    The khrocheted khreations may keep her up all night!


  6. OMG...I haven't seen one of those crocheted covers in sooooooo many years.

  7. That was a great song! How do those ladies sing such close harmonies? Amazing.

    Momma says if the squirrels start doing those crafts maybe she will order some. Sheesh.


  8. I am assuming that since Tall Guy can identify said objects in the last photo, he HAS THEM!


  9. Confessions are needed - are those from the TG's personal collection?

  10. Morning Jack....we had no idea the squirrels in AZ were all underground. I bet you can feel them scurrying around as you walk that must be very disturbing. Oh my stars Mom says she has not seen tp and tissue covers liket that in years. Wonder if anyone ever made a tp cover with a squirrel head instead of a doll. Old Dan Tucker had Mom dancing in her chair...and that is nota pretty sight.
    Madi and Mom

  11. You are hilarious! My Mom says she remembers those TP covers at her Grandma's house :) You look most handsome when you are pointing Jack.

  12. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO COVER OUR TOILET PAPER??? Why was I never told? Ours is just sitting out in the open, all naked and everything. Oh the shame! Jack, will you make me a nifty cover with a big ol' plastic doll head?

  13. Squirrels running underground!!! I guess that could happen. Holly is always digging holes here in search of something running around. I haven't seen those crocheted things in years but sure remember them. That song Old Dan Tucker woke me up fast this morning!!!! Love, Debbie and Holly

  14. Hi Jack,

    Now why did you have to show those tissue thingies? Now mommy is going to get some to get some so we won't know where to find the toilet paper!

    That's our favorite thing to tear up! It makes her soo mad when she walks in the bath room and finds it over the floor!

    Now we're gonna have to find a new thing to tear up! But we'll forgive ya, cause we think your cool!

    Riley and Star.

  15. We were here earlier, but Mom got so blown away by the DeZurik Sisters, she forgot to comment!

    Keep up the excellent ground squirrel patrol, Officer Jack. We've got our paws full taking care of the tree variety of the varmints here in Georgia!
    Be Vigilant,
    Zack, Sassy, Buddy

  16. Jack, you're not gonna believe what happened to me the other day. I found one of those ground squirrels and stopped him at his tracks at the opening of his hole. That's what I thought. He was d-e-d though. Yikes. I guess I'm not the great hunter I thought I was.

  17. Jack... What is this about squirrels being under ground? In NY they fly from tree to tree, drives us NUTS and mom nuttier cuz we go after them... hehe you should see her run!

    Calvert and mom loved the Old Dan Tucker song, Cal must have thought it was a bird or something cuz he started howlin'. I would love to comment on what I thought of the song but the last photo scared me so much I was under the bed covering my little ears when mom played it.

    Next time you post a photo like that please add a warning... oookay... thank you...

    Schnauzer licks

  18. All Mama can do right now is laugh at all the comments.....

    I can say that you are very excellent at squirrel patroling!!


  19. Jack -- squirrels are nice -- Beth feeds them all the time! They just jump around in our trees because we don't have pointy things on ours....
    Well Tall Guy that is one of Beth's favorite songs....but not by them....
    And she wants to know how you got into her sister's house to take a picture of those crocheted items....?

  20. Grrrrrrrrr-I hate squirrels-HATE 'EM!

    They tease me by runnin' around the yard while I'm stuck in my kennel and then WHOOSH! up the tree they go once I'm out.

    Did I mention that I hate 'em?

    Woofs and hateful slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

    Pee. Ess. - I don't think squirrels can crochet. Maybe needlepoint but not crochet.

  21. Squirrels are sneaky little creatures!
    Do you have those crocheted items in your house?!! :0

  22. Oh, dear. We think we missed a good many going-on's in your blog!