Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 31, 2010

The Case of
The One-Legged Lady


This case has me all tied up in knots!

We've found out some more information about our one-legged friend. The police seem to think her name is Evi. We surmised this from this photograph found at the CSI (Canine Sniffing Investigation) unit:

Evidently, Ms. Dence has also been seen traveling from state to state - often with a gentleman by the name of Ken. Here are some of the clues that have been discovered by our cracker-jack team of top-secret hidden informants:

"That dame's leg belongs in NC. I do believe it is the missing Barbie leg that disappeared from our house many years ago. " Top Secret Hidden Informant #1

"I saw the other leg. She must be making herself out west." Top Secret Hidden Informant #2

"I know what happened to the lady whose leg you found. She's in a box in my closet. Her friend, named Ken, is in the same predicament. Only his hands have been chewed off and his one good leg is missing a foot. They both met their fate in the jaws of a vengeful poodle who never got to go on road trips with his family." Top Secret Hidden Informant #3

So here's what we have so far. A very tall one-legged lady has been seen headed west, possibly with a male companion named Ken who does not have a foot or hands. This case is becoming curiouser and curiouser by the minute! The clues are mounting up!

THIS JUST IN: A rather strange group of people has been reportedly seen in the area where the event occurred. We have just received photographs of the group. If you see any of these people, please report to your local authorities. Do not try to apprehend them, as they are pretty much dead and are probably zombies!!!

To be continued...


  1. Better start looking fur Skipper and Francie too...


  2. WOW what a story, You keep working on the case and find out xactly what happened. But....dont get all tied up bout it ok?


  3. Great snooter-investigatin' there Jack. Very thorough. Hmmmmmmmm.... Suspicious character that Ken fella, hmmmmm.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  4. Dogness Gracious Me it has turned into an extraordinary case!

    Detective Jack - can't wait til your next instalment!

    Koda MD

  5. One of those dudes has been seen riding a horse whilst under the influence. That sounds kind of dangerous. Watch out if you run into him.


  6. Hi do have a cracker 'JACK' team of CSI agents assisting you. We heard a rumor that a mighty Southern mini dachshund mauled the Dames other leg.

    REPLY to the comment you left on our blog:
    My husband is a 'train brain'. He is an avid HO modeler. He buys model brass engine shells and using photos from his 1M train books he makes model replicas of the REAL thing, electricity, moving parts etc. His talent and patience is amazing. Every Wed. he and other train brains congregate at a buddies house to play with their trains. Madi is sitting on one of his train boxes which she loves becasue he brings them home with new smells Good Times!!!
    Madi and Mom

  7. This mystery just gets deeper and deeper! I hope to goodness Miss Evi Dence doesn't join the ranks of Kewpie, Madame Alexander, and Chatty Cathy! We all know what happened to them!


  8. Oh my gosh. When I read that the lady might be traveling with a guy named Ken, I was in shock. The Old Guy's name is Ken. Could he have something to do with this horrific crime?! Then I remembered that the OG has both hands and both feet... whew, what a relief!

    P.S. Shouldn't informant #3 be in prison??

  9. This just keeps getting better! I gotta grab some popcorn because I feel like I'm watching a Moooooovie! You are a studly looking investigator too. I love a doggy in uniform!

    Wags and Woofs,

  10. I knew that leg looked familiar...
    Have you and TG been watching reruns of Dragnet?
    Hmmmm, Jack Webb....

  11. Maybe they're heading to Mailbu - I hear they have a beach house there - Abbey

  12. The case is becoming more interesting everyday. I hope another leg belonging to Midge doesn't show up could be a serial killer zombie on the lam. Debbie and Holly

  13. are like Sherlock Jack..maybe the TG can be Watson!!


  14. The suspects were really scary. I'll be sure to avoid them. What if they step on me?

  15. You have quite the case on your hands, my friend. The last pictures really surprised me....I think I saw them in a van down by the river....

  16. we suspect wiff our inner pibble vibes that it musta been a evil and alien twee rat
    please to look into this possibility
    pibble sugars and wee wags
    the pittie pack

  17. We're on the edge of our seat Jack,,,this case is better than an episode of Law& Order! (Especially because it has a handsome lab in it:)

  18. Two theories -

    One, she was caught with incriminating pictures of a certain tall guy's bathroom with fuzzy covers and crocheted items. The punishment was fierce as he tried to defend his honor.

    Two, she was trying to buy some diamonds, but they were expensive and cost her an arm and a leg. Well, the diamonds were on sale - half off - so they only cost her a leg.

    Just theories. Let us know if we can help some more.

  19. Is that the usual list of suspects, Jack? Hmm... I wonder who did it?


  20. BOL, BOL, BOL!!!


    PS. When I first saw the picture of the "evidence," I thought it was a picture of a bullystick!!! BMTO!!!