Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010

The Case of
The One-Legged Lady

It was a bright and windy morning. The tall guy and I were out on our usual morning walk. All of a sudden, I spotted something:

It was a dame's leg. And from the looks of things, she had legs up to her hips. HAD being the operative word.

No shoes, no stockings, no body. She must have left in a hurry to leave THIS behind. From the proportions of this leg, she must have been like 18 feet tall with a size zero foot. She shouldn't be hard to spot! So we hit the gritty streets, looking for clues.

MMMMMM, gritty street. With butter! (It's a Southern thing!)

And wash it all down with some fresh spring water - or in this case, warm water fountain water. But then I noticed one small tiny red drop on the sidewalk. The kind of tiny red drop that could have come from a dame with only one leg running away from something chasing her at midnight on a night with no moon. Could this be a clue?


AND now for a VERY IMPORTANT NOTE from the Tall Guy:

- Toilet
- This Old House Magazine
- Picture of a waterfall in Vermont
Please note there is NOTHING crocheted. Thank you.

And now with more extra added information from the tall guy:
The first two commenters have asked if there is anything fuzzy in the bathroom since you can't see the whole thing. Trust me, there's nothing fuzzy in here. If there are any guys in your house, you know why! :)


  1. But what about something fuzzy?

    I mean, woo DID choose not to shoot the seat/etc!


  2. Jack, Try adding some drated cheese and a couple shots of Tabasco on those gritty will help 'em go down easier.

    The waterfall picture is a nice touch in the bathroom...kinda sets the mood!
    Are you cropping out the fuzzy toilet seat and matching rug?

  3. LOL! Man and I Really thought you had crocheted pieces in your house!

    What a random find! Cant wait to hear more of this mystery!

  4. Ahhh, phew! I was getting an image of a spinster with cats, crochetting doilies and pink fluffies all day, not the case! Brill.

    Koda MD

    I'll keep an eye and nose out for the one-legged 18 foot tall Babe!

  5. Aw, I was sure that was your actual bathroom in the photo yesterday. Come on, fess up.

    Creepy find on walkies for sure. Yoiks! A leggie.


  6. Oh my stars Jack and TG....looks like you received way too many comments about the crocheted covers. You two men are being forced to defend your manliness!!! HA!! Mom says she is going back to read the comments left yesterday.

    That dame's leg belongs in NC. I do believe it is the missing Barbie leg that disappeared from our house many years ago. We do so love our grits too with cheddar cheese and butter.
    Thanks for the Monday smiles.
    Madi and Mom

  7. Oh jack,
    I was one last week and I saw the other leg. She must be making herself out west. She was one legged and now she is no legged. Oh NO!! I wanted to naw on the leg but Mom wouldnt let me and she threw the lady's leg out.
    wonder xactly how she is gettin round now.


  8. Very funny! BTW, I know what happened to the lady whose leg you found. She's in a box in my closet. Her friend, named Ken, is in the same predicament. Only his hands have been chewed off and his one good leg is missing a foot. They both met their fate in the jaws of a vengeful poodle who never got to go on road trips with his family. Moral of this story: never leave kids alpne in a car and never leave small maniquins in harms way!


  9. Jack -- you really need your CSI hat on for this one....
    Your bathroom looks like Mikes....plain and frills....

  10. OOOOh Jack, I love a mystery!!! Can't wait to see what happens. In the meantime, go check out my blog when you have a chance, I have an award for you!!!

    lotsa licks,

  11. Re the crocheted items: the TG doth protest too much...

    Good luck solving the one legged lady mystery on the gritty streets... but be careful out there!

  12. So curious about the leg you found Jack!! How bizarre! And, then the mystery of where the squirrly crochet toilet paper items may live...if not in the bathroom. :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  13. Wow...wonder what happened to the rest of that lady....



  14. Jack, that leg was quite a scary find. I wonder if the squirrels had something to do with it.

  15. It's time to get your thinking cap Jack. Just think, the other leg is still on the loose!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  16. Hello there Jack!
    Probably that leg it's of a spider! Some times they lose a leg because they fight withe each others. Maybe it's a bird's leg. I met a sparrow who lose a leg when a car trample him. I will help you to discover more.

    Bally the turtle :)

  17. Hi Jack, or should we call you "Dashiell Hammett" sleuthing down the missing lady?!

    Raider loves to hunt squirrel too! While we were in the middle of moving last week, one stupid squirrel came down the tree and barked at him!
    Raider gave him a piece of his mind!

    Thanks, new home is feeling like home now, all of the boxes are gone! AHHH!

  18. Very strange case!! One-legged lady...oh no! Can't wait for the rest of the story.

  19. This is hilarious! That does it. I am so adding you to my blogroll. Love it here!

  20. You are a grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat detective, you should have youre own crime show!
    hI iM mAJOR From Australia. I hope you'll come visit me!

  21. Jack, I'm hanging from your lips. I want to know what happened to the lady with the size zero shoe.
    TG you really cracked us up. No fuzzy wazzies in our home either. Yes, we got your comment about living with men.

  22. we sent you something shpecial for easter throught the snail mailman
    we hope you like it
    pibble sugars and wee wags
    the pittie pack

  23. Oh Jack...
    First of all - great detective work on the woman with the missing leg.
    Second - if the crocheted goodies are NOT in the TG's bathroom....where did he hide them...sounds like you have MORE detecting to do!


  24. Hey=
    send that leg on over to me. I will use it if I can make it fit.

  25. I wonder how you lose a single Barbie leg? I mean, they don't just FALL off. Some kid was MIGHTY angry..

    P.S. I'm not really falling for the bathroom story. For all we know, your dolls are sitting in there on a shelf, out of view.

  26. The great Barbie caper...good luck on solving this one Jack! P.S. the TG has a respectable man bathroom. We'll let him off the hook this time.