Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1, 2011


My book is on the Amazons!!

If you have a Kindle or the Kindle app
on your iPad or iPhone or PC,
you can get a copy of my book by clicking

Even if you don't have a Kindle,
you can get it by clicking there too,
but you won't be able to read it!

But wait, what about all the peoples that
use something else?

Well the tall guy can explain that.
I let him do all the hard computer stuff.

TG: It's a lot easier to get a book on Amazon than it is to get into Apple iBooks, so that's why the Amazon version is already available. I'll have the iBooks version online just as soon as Apple gives me the go-ahead. The hardback versions should be here some time next week!

In the meantime, if you want to see the first 10 pages of Jack's book (in PDF format) you can click HERE.

On another note, several of you have mentioned that you were thinking about (or have already written) your own books. If you would like to know what I (oops, WE) did to get Jack's book online, I'll be more than glad to help you any way that I can. Just drop me a line in the comments.


  1. Mom said she'll be dreaming about THAT khommercial now!

    Khongrats on the bookie thingie -

    I'm betting woo skhore big!


  2. OK Jack and TG. I bought it with 1-click!! Congrats. I'll review when I'm done. I accept bribes. I'm so excited!!

  3. OOOH the beginning part of the story was interesting! Jack, you have such funny sense of humour. Too bad we don't have a Kindle or IPad or IPhone. I'm sure many people will be buying your book!

  4. Forget Jack Kerouac now there's Jack !

  5. LOoks good and I knew the name of the book was
    "Jack" BOL Your baby picture looks soo cute jack. Cant wait to get the real book, since we cant get it online


  6. Hi Tall Guy and congratulations!! Going to visit your book now!! I'm so excited for you, Jack!! Jack, the dog is now "Jack the star"!!! I will order the hardcopy (unless I can figure out the electronic way) when it comes out (You and your antics really helped me get past those first horrible days without my German Shepherd, Jack. I'll never forget that!)
    Sell a million...(and remember me when you get your Hollywood star)!

  7. PS I would be interested to hear how you published on-line too. My email is: annnichols3@gmail.com

  8. We just bought it! Mom and me is lookin' forward to readin' it now! Yay fur you both!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  9. Congrats Jack and TG
    We are beyond thrilled. Amazon here we come.
    PS don't forget the CAT who taught you all you know about CATS become rich and famous!!

  10. But Jack! Momma is incapable of reading books that aren't made of actual paper. Whatever will we do?


  11. i'm totally diggin' on the title. excuse me but that Marley movie was like the STUPIDEST movies ever made. thank you. The dog was brilliant. the people were stupid. the story was stupid.

    it's about time there's a book with a brilliant dog and good story!

  12. I just bought your book! I'm so excited for you, and pretty impressed that you finished it so quickly! My book is still in the "thinking about it" stage (where it has been stuck forever!). If you could share any tips, I'd be grateful! And yeah, a dog book where the dog doesn't die! I hate stupid tear-jerker books that ruin my whole day! Go Jack!!

  13. Woof! Woof! How COOL!!! Golden Congrats. We are old school so will wait to get the actual book ... so keep us posted. We also would love to know what company you guys end-up using and all the helpful advise to publish a book. Looking forward on hear from you via email. Lots of Golden Thanks n Woofs, Sugar

  14. I'll have to wait for the paper version, but I enjoyed the 10-page teaser!

  15. Congrats, Jack and TG. You are published!!! The first few pages sound great. We will paw off some green papers and get our copy too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  16. Love the 10 page preview!! Heh, how about getting this to Oprah's attention, you can be the next Mitch Albom, she'll produce the movie.
    This is probably even better; get it to Ellen. I'm serious. You and Jack would be hits on her show for sure, she loves animals and things that make people happy.
    Why not send a copy there. Not sure how it's done, if anyone has any suggestions. Reach for the stars, TG!

  17. I just looked at Ellen home page, you can send "her" an email about yourself and your story. She must have alot of assistants reading those, so Jack needs to turn on the charm big time!! Uploading that gorgeous cover couldn't hurt!! I don't recall her talking about dog blogs, so this would be fresh, how book arose from that. Fun!!

  18. BRAVO! BRAVO! I love what I have read so far! Can't wait to add this book to our library! Let us know when we can order one!
    I am still working on Remington's book but as you have learned over time -- I am pretty slow at getting things done....
    I really do love your book Tall Guy and Jack!

  19. I don't have an E reader! Dangit!
    I LOVE the puppy picture! OMG! Can't wait to read the rest!

  20. Oh my! My brother is famous! Congratulations Jack and TG. If Jack ever needs somebody to play him in the movies I can dye my hair yellow... Your most handsomest brother, Dirk

  21. Lucky me, you asked me a question about the green thing around Pedro's neck and I had to stop by to respond. Lucky for me, I discovered your book! I'm getting a copy ASAP because as you know I'm a huge Jack fan.

    Oh, the green thing: It's waterproof and holds our information in it. It's easier than having to PS all our name tags (erasing the phone number).

    Do not let fame get to your head like it did with me, Jackie boy. Kk?


  22. Got it! Real excited and can't wait to take my time to read it. I'll have M read it to all of us tonight.

    May your book be shortlisted for the Booker Prize!!!

  23. I got on the site and was sold when I read; a book about a dog where he doesn't die in the end; whew...now I can read it! Thanks sooo much and I can't wait to get my hands on it...

  24. Congratulations!
    I don't have any of those "things" to read it!
    But sure I want a copy too!
    I will be waiting for it!
    Kisses and hugs

  25. We'd be interested in knowing how you went about it - cafall at aol dot com. We can't wait to see Jack's book!


  26. We're app-less in Georgia... :)
    Heading over to read the beginning....

    I was telling Hubby about your book, about a dog who doesn't die in the end, and he said it was about time for a book and some songs on that topic....this song always gets to Hubby:


  27. Wow, congrats on your book!! I came by because I saw your amazing underwear (lol) suggestion on How Sam Sees It and I just had to check you out!!!

    Erika and Sebastian

  28. Congratulations on the book! Fantastic! The ten page teaser was brilliant,loved it! Mum can't wait to get a copy.
    Lotsa Licks
    Casper Bear

  29. I bet that Seuss work will go for BIG bucks!

  30. Hey Jack,
    Good thing TG let us read 10 pages since the first 6 didn't say much. Our mom has one of those kindle thingies so we'll get her to download it (KaChing $$) and then dad and the rest of us can read it.
    OBTW: you certainly was a cutey puppy - so what happened?

  31. Is it like OK for us to just post on our blog that your book is available on Amazon and maybe have a link to your post about it so that you and TG will get really stinking rich instead of just filthy rich? We read all those threats on the first 6 pages of your book and we doesn't want to be arrested by the Fbi, CIA, NCIS or TPD. Do we have to call you J#ck now so that we don't reproduce the word "J-a-c-k" that's on the cover of your book? Like we said, we don'yts wanta be arrested.

  32. Jack, I always knew you were a star!! Congratulations to you and the TG about the book. Loved those first few pages.
    Chrissie and Ben

  33. Congratulations on your book, Jack! I'll have to wait for the hardback because I'm still in the 20th century!