Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 26, 2011

Am I Blue?

Am I blue?
Are these tears
in my eyes
tellin' you?

Actually, I'm kinda golden toasty brown,
if you only get to see my pictures on the Kindle,
you would never know!

So, the tall guy said if you bought the Kindle version of my book, but you would like to see all the pictures in
please send him an email ( and he will send you the PDF version of the book so you can see all of my beautiful fuzz the way it really looks.

As a matter of fact, if you like, he will even send you some of my fuzz that he is CONSTANTLY FINDING ON THE FLOOR ALL OVER THE HOUSE (he said to add the emphasis there). Just think, you could make a Jack-et, or a Jack-quard scarf. Actually he says he has enough, you could even make a carpet for your entire 4800 square foot house.

And have a great weekend!


  1. Hey JAck
    after reading your book, I think that my new sister is related to YOU!! BOL (see yesterdays post)


  2. Thanks to you, we have the pdf version and got to see you in full technicolor glory. If you find a place that takes discarded floor fur, please let us know. Jed could carpet a second 4800 sq. ft. house. Seems a shame to let all that warm fur go to waste.

    Jed & Abby

  3. Hey Jack - Shiloh here - IF my mom ever gitz her u-no-what in gear, she iz gonna git your book - she duzn't haf a Kindle - haz enuf problemz werkin'the 'puter.

    I haz a cure fer the bluez tuday - my barkday pawtee iz just now 'bout ready tu start - gotz sum neat stuff happenin'like The PawsBang Band an'a CSN give-away - fer more info just come an'visit.

  4. Nothing sheds like a labradork.


  5. Morning Jack!!! You are a trip is what you are!!!
    I,Madi, volunteer, Mom's crocheting abilities to turn your fuzz into scarves!
    Happy Saturday

  6. Uhh, could we get a cookie?

    Jack looks great in color. The PDF version is the way to go.

  7. You cold always send that floor fur to the lady that can make yarn outta it! Ask Madi about that. We is still waiting for the book to arrive! We hates Florida mail! Love Billy

  8. Multiply all Jack's fuzz by 3 and you have some idea of what my house looks like! :)

    Jack, you're handsome in any color!!!!

  9. Well thanks for the pictures offer Jack but WE GOTS A REAL FOR SURE YOU CAN EAT IT BOOK!!! Tx TG!

    As for the fuzz Mommy says NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! why you yellin mommy?

    BObo and MEja

  10. We'd love to see you in color -- but please hold the fur. Trust us we have plenty laying around...

  11. I think I would cry too if I were the color blue....

  12. Hurray Jack Mom and I got your book in the mail this week. Please check out our blogs I shared some cookies with you and Koda wants to be just like your picture on the book cover! Mom and I laughed reading your book and can't wait to share it with our friends!

  13. I hope I didn't snore too much -

    That photoshoot just wore me out -


  14. I tink that you look very handsome no matter what color you is... :o)

  15. Not a bad idea, Jack. I've been telling The Hub that our carpet needs to be changed out. Wouldn't take that much fur, our house isn't as big as you think. Tootie, of course, is all hair and no muscle, but still it would take years to accumulate enough of her fluff to make a shag rug!


  16. The Kindle is kinda poopy for not having colored photos of you.

  17. We just bought your book! We have been so behind on our bloggie reading that we had missed the fact that there was a book to buy. We bought the Kindle version so after we read the text part, we will be asking for the pdf one so we can see the colorful pictures!

  18. Oh, we are quite sure we can out-floof you at the moment. The hu-dad is preparing to declare the house a natural furry disaster area.