Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10, 2011

I'm Sorry,
We Don't Have A Winner...

We have TWO winners!!

The tall guy said that everyone was so nice
with all their comments, that I could give away
TWO paw-tographed copies of my book.

Now I am not cool enough to do a contest drawing
like Augie and Ti,
so I just had the Tall Guy to go to
and let the computer pick two numbers for our winners.

And the winners are:

Erika and Blair
of A Journey of Footprints


of Jazzi's World


Now the tall guy feels bad because everyone didn't win.
(I don't think he understands how contests work!)
I told him that he could just give everyone a book.
He said that he only has 12 copies
because it cost A LOT to get them printed.
(He said to make sure I put A LOT in capital letters!)

He said he has an idea,
BUT you will have to come back on Friday
to find out what it is!

I think he's got the
'come back-itis'!!


  1. Great photo of you Jack. We will be back on Friday to find out how to get one of those books!!
    Hugs and wags, Mistaya and Maggie

  2. Ahh Jack, tell Tall Guy not to worry! That's how contests go! Besides it's so easy to get your book through pdf too! (I thought it would be difficult but if you already have a paypal account or know someone who does - ones daughter for instance! - it's easy!) Congratulations to the winners!!

  3. Congrats to the winners! I think they both totally deserve the pawtographed books. I will definitely be back tomorrow!

  4. Congrats to Jazzi & Blair - not that we're not disappointed, because we are :( Our concern is mounting, however, because so far the only listing on Amazon continues to be for the Kindle version. We don't have a Kindle and mama has no interest in buying one, even to get your book. Not only would the PDF version not give us a nice book to hold in the recliner, we also don't have paypal. Is there ANY way to just buy a hard copy of the book? Guess you could ask the TG to auction off a few of the hardback copies, if Amazon is never going to have them. We'll be gone for a few days, so we'll check back next week to see if you've come up with any good ideas for producing more hard copies.

    Jed & Abby

  5. Just let us know when we can get the hard copy book on the Amazon or similar. No doubt we will need to spend real dollars as the Mango just about never wins anything. Boo hoo.


  6. I think Mango thought he was a whiner -

    Khongrats to your WINNERS!


  7. YAY!!! Congrats to Blair and Jazzi very deserving winners of your book! We can hardly wait for them to receive it so they can read it to us.

    MOL Jack TG has the come backs its...that is funny. We'll be back for sure.

  8. "I'll be back" ! As that Arnold guys says it!

  9. We are so coming back on Friday so we can hopefully find a way to get our paws on one of those masterpieces!!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  10. Woof! Woof! Golden SAD no to win your book BUT happy for the winners. Can't wait for your Friday's post. As I said before, e are old school in reading books - so we would LOVE to get a printed book so let us know how. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  11. Congratulations! We agree with Sugar!


  12. I can attest - your book is a fun read. Hey everybody, get out and buy it - enjoy.

  13. WHOA!!! I cant believe I won!! I am so thrilled!! I will let you know how great the book is ok????


  14. Congrats to Jazzi and Blair. Lucky ones!!
    Jack as always you make a photo look good!

  15. Awww we didn't win
    but Congrats to the 2 that did!
    Im holding out for a hard copy cause I just can't get on that e-reader bandwagon!

  16. WTF? I FRICKIN' MISSED THIS? Now I'm mad. All that workin' out we're doing for Juno is keeping so busy, i miss out on all the cyber-dog fun! Fuey! Fuey! Fuey!

    oh well, congrats on your book!

  17. You need to tell all of us how to order the book from you! The book book not the electronic one.... I am certain many would not mind paying for a copy of this GREAT novel! I know I can't wait to read it!

  18. Congratulations to the winners!
    Aaaaand... I will be back tomorrow again!
    Kisses and hugs

  19. wow we have missed alot !! you look most handsome in your book cover and those are two fuwy lucky weeners!!! congrats on your book and we are sending special toots to you

    pibble wiggles
    the pittie pack

  20. Congrats to the winners! We have a Kindle copy so we're not too jealous :)