Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29, 2011

Things I Do Not Know If I Even Like...

...cause I have never had none:

• Cinnamon Graham Crackers
• Onions
• Chickens Alfredos
• Breyer's Ice Cream
• Tomato Soup
• Caramels
• Grapes
• Progresso Light Zesty Southwestern-Style
Vegetable Soup
• Pepsies
• Horizon Organic Fat Free Milk

It appears that someone makes up his
shopping list by figuring out things
that I'm not allowed to eat
and then that's what he buys.

Because if you will notice,
there are no Frosty Paws
or delicious Pepperoni Pizzas
on that list!

As Sassy would say:
Just sayin'


  1. Isn't he just SO khlever -

    And thinkin' he's the boss of woo -

    As if!


  2. Stay away from that list, Jack! Sounds like a prescription to a tummy ache!

    Edward's home! And doing well!!!

  3. That shouldnt even be allowed!! But dont worry, I havent had anything on that list either and I am thinkin..if they can have it why cant we?? just sayin.... BOL

    Jazzi and Addy

  4. That's a sad list if ever I saw, Jack! But here's what ya do: when he goes to bed and starts rattlin' the windows, get yourself a piece of paper-same size and all-and then write what YOU want to eat. He'll never notice. In fact, he'll be super excited to see big ol' steaks and tators and pizzas and frosty paws. You're only limited by your imaginations, so be creative!

    Woofs and creative slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

    *Check this place out for a Lab Cab sticker and other good labradork stuff

  5. MOL Jack!!! We love your picture today!!
    Shame on TG he needs to go back to kindergarten for a refresher course in 'sharing 101' with others. Come to think of it Mom needs a refresher course too.

    Trust me there is fuzz in our house....and I cannot tell you how many pictures have been deleted because they showed fuzz. MOL
    Happy 3 Tuesday,

  6. Hmmmmm....a belly ache waitin' to happen. Where's da beef?

  7. Da nerve of TG, I am callin' da Arizona SPCA right now! ;)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  8. Don't have onions! They are poisonous to us. What, where's your list?
    Benny & Lily

  9. At least he goes to da grocery store...unllike others in my household.

    Can you ask da TG to add Cheetos? Thanks! I am starvin'!


  10. I'm watching the tree guys throw branches into the gas powered mulchinator (which always makes me think of my friend Jack). That grocery list is suspect, but I think Jack could handle most of it (stay away from grapes and chocolate). TG gets some credit for protecting his food source.

  11. We havn't had anything on the list either. Now that the human is not looking over my shoulder, caramels are yummy and we get a little Ice cream regularly.

    But you are doing the right thing by not admiting to table surfing. Keep them guessing.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  12. I think the Tall Guy should at least let you try some vanilla ice cream! :)

  13. I also detect a lack of cheese on the list Jack. Not funny TG. Not funny.

  14. Hmmm.... interesting list.... but not for you!
    Veggie soup and ice cream.... yummy!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. Ohhh, we've tasted the Progresso Southwest soup.
    That's some good stuff!

    Rama's been cooking for us lately...we'll see how long that lasts! :)
    Zack, Sas, and Bud

  16. That just doesn't even seem right. I think you should go on strike. Or refuse to be the subject of any more books until this situation is remedied.

  17. This sounds like another diabolical plot by those humans to starve us!


  18. Wow, Jack, TG sure doesn't eat much, judging from the length of his shopping list. I could "woof" that down in one sitting. And it sure doesn't have one, not one single thang, a Jack could eat, (should eat.) I'm sure Tootie would agree, as she picks out the kibbles and leaves the bits.


  19. Hmm, looks like TG forgot a few things, like peanut butter and huge hunks of meat. What do you think is the matter with him?

  20. Stay away from the grapes Jack! I have CRF because of those grapes.

    One of the yellow boys,