Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11, 2011

$5.00 at Costco...

buys about 2 minutes of chewing before this happens.

See that look on my face?
I don't even deny it anymore.

Actually there were 3 of them for $5.00,
but the other two are put away for a rainy day.

You didn't come here today to read about me
destroying my stuffed toys?

Well, why are you here?

OH... the book thing.

Well, since everyone couldn't win the contest and several of you have asked for a copy of my book (Jack: A book about a dog where the dog doesn't die at the end*) AND since the tall guy said there was no way on God's green earth that he was going to try to sell them for what it cost to print them (see: A LOT, from yesterday's post), he said he would send a copy for FREE to the first 10 people who either a) make a donation to their local animal shelter, or b) have done or are doing some type of volunteer work to help an animal or their local animal shelter, c) are doing or have done some type of animal foster/rescue care or d) send me 200 cookies.

Wait. What? I've just been informed that doing D does not count. Please do not send me no cookies.

And since everyone doesn't get a chance to read the blogs every day, the tall guy said he will give 5 copies today and then again 5 copies on Monday so that more people will get a chance to participate. (Note from the tall guy: Today's 5 copies have been spoken for. We'll give away the other 5 on Monday!)

Once again, all you have to do is be one of the FIRST FIVE PEOPLE either today or Monday to leave a comment and let the tall guy know that you would like a copy of the book and which one (a, b, or c) that you do/did.

(This is getting more convoluted than the income tax code!)

And don't forget you can still get a copy by going to the links on your right. Apple finally sent the tall guy an email and he submitted the book, so hopefully it will be on the iBookstore very soon.

* That reminds me. The book is not about me losing weight. It's not Jack: A book about a dog where the dog doesn't DIET. That would just be silly!


  1. Bless you my dog!!
    I will make a donation to my shelter for a book.

  2. My mom volunteers about 100 hours a week for Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue -- where she got me -- actually only about 35 hours. She needs a lot of time for our walks and playing too.


  3. Our mom finished your book, Jack. She said it was just like you were sitting next to her on the couch and talking to her about your life with TG and stuff. She loved it. She would like a post-it with your paw print on it so she can stick it on her Kindle. She caught your referance to HEART BUTT in the Christmas photo part :-) Hope you make a movie. Hey, contact my agent at CAA if you want my HEART BUTT to do a walk on in the film version.

    Your pal,


    PeeS: drop by my kissing booth. It's for a good cause ;-)

  4. 200 biscuits and a donation sounds about right.

  5. does saving the shelby count as animal rescue care? if so we'd love to have a copy of your most handsumness book jack

    pibble wiggles
    the pittie pack

  6. Oh, good, because we totally thought this was about diet and that scared us. If we were to win a book - particularly pawtographed - we would include it in our annual fundraising for Sarge's - our local all breed rescue.

  7. Phew, because diets are for humans, not doggies. However, stuffies contain lots of fiber which is quite filling.


  8. Jack you are very lucky to have been adopted by such a fine, kind, man as TG!!!

    Next time TG passes your way jump up and give him a great big thank you hug!!
    Happy Friday,
    Madi and Mom

  9. Woof! Woof! Very kind n sweet of TG. Well we are in category b). We donated products/participate on (3) BLOGville Auctions to help out blog friends in need to take care of their pets. We are also working with AHGRRS (Golden Retriever) rescue group to make pet tags for them (given out to adopted GR's).
    If not we are happy to purchase a hard copy of your book, just let us know. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  10. i come here every day to see you destroying your stuffed toys...

    and i help a local group of rescued dogs everyday
    i collect newspaper with neighbours
    we did a garage sale last spring
    and we are planning a winter afghans auction

  11. Jack, dis is a most brilliant idea! I loves dis and I should haves thought bout it myself but I didn't.


  12. Hold out for the 200 treats.

    It is the only way to make sure that the books go to loving hands. Loving hands are hands that give treats. Try it, you'l like it.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  13. Jack, thank you soo soo much. My Mom is thrilled to have won your book, of course I am thrilled to because it means that she will show me the pictures. I will have her email you straight away with my email address.

  14. Well Jack, what I was thinking is how about if I send 200 doggie cookies to a local shelter in YOUR name? How does that sound?
    Then you would NOT need to go on a diet!? and everyone wins...

  15. OH Jack!! D sounded like the best choice to me!! Post for the 200 cookies when the TG is sleeping BOL Cant wait fur my book to arrive!!

    Jazzi and Addy

  16. Well, it looks like I'm a bit too late but I'll still tell you what we have done in the past.

    We have done rescuing & rehoming some time ago. We have rescued & rehomed atleast 8 dogs & puppies. All of them were neglected & chucked on the streets like the Japanese Akita we found on the side of the road in 2007, where cars were speeding at atleast 100km/h. We had no idea where she came from because Japanese Akitas in Malaysia are very rare. When we found her, she was severely emaciated, had two deep maggot holes in her neck (about 20 maggots were extracted). She also had a very bad case of tick fever. She just laid on the side of the road, didn't care if she got knocked down by cars. You could clearly see that she was dying. She couldn't even walk without wobbling. It was that bad.

    My hoomies picked her up & immediately brought her to the Vet. She was immediately treated. It took 1 full month for her to be fully recovered. They spent a lot of money on her. By 2 months, she was at a good weight, her coat became thick & beautiful, the maggot holes totally closed up & hair grew back on that area, she was healthy again. However, she had food aggression issues & have attacked my spotted sister a couple of times but hoomie Melissa managed to rehabilitate her & she was NO longer food aggressive. She knew her place in the house, she was Obedience trained, she became a social dog & she was finally placed in a new, loving home.

    That's just one of our rescue stories. The rest were bad too but not as horrible as hers. BTW, she was named Chantelle. She was truly a beautiful Japanese Akita! And we all still miss her very much eventhough it's been 4 years already since she left us.

  17. Way to go with killing that Stuffie Jack!

  18. Well, your book is cheaper than that Costco toy--so I think everyone should just splurge and buy it! I just did!

  19. What? I am not in the first 5! I hope I can get up that early on Monday morning!

  20. Darn! And we were just going to start baking those cookies... :)

  21. Oh, we have missed all about your book from Muzzle hogging the computer and me not being able to blog! She does some volunteer work for animal charities in the UK. Not sure how time differences will work for posting on Monday, but the book sounds interesting anyway :-)

    Hope you are well,


  22. Well, I guess I'm too late. We've got a Pet Drive going on at school right now that benefits the local animal shelter and I'm donating to it regardless of whether or not I win your book. But like I said, I think it's way too late!

  23. I tink you should add's da 200 cookies back on your list! Just sayin'

  24. I was directed to your blog by REMINGTON ~ I'm your newest follower!
    'hugs from afar'

  25. I can tell you loved that toy (for a few seconds) at least..