Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 10, 2009

On the verdant fields of the puppy park,
waiting for my next victim ... er... playmate!

(Does this grass make my butt look fat?)

At the puppy park, sometimes it's hard to tell which puppies want to play and which puppies don't want to play. I've found that if I just wait like this for a while, one of the puppies who wants to play will come running. Then I can go running toward him and we will meet in the middle, much like two steam engines crashing!

Unfortunately, two big dogs got into a fight at the puppy park today. The tall guy says I am very good about staying away when other dogs get into a fight. The way I look at it is that I am a lamington short of a CWA lunch! (Just ask your Australian shepherd friends, they'll be able to explain it!) It makes the peoples very sad when the dogs get into a fight, cause then one of them has to go home and won't get to play any more.

So, if you are at the puppy park, do not get into fights with the other puppies. If you see a mean puppy, go tell your peoples that they should tell them to not to snap their cap!


  1. I am really thinking you are looking more and more like a lion (ok lionness but don't be offended!) Something looks very regal about you. Sorry to hear about the fight. Our blog friend Gus got bitten yesterday. very sad.
    Moose+ Dana

  2. Jack is very smart to sit back in stealth mode until his target has been identified. Hey T.G., check out You Tube's Lucy Meets Porky if you can.

  3. If I see a bad (mad) doggie I will run for sure!
    I got bit some months ago, that's no fun at all!

    Rufus (and Indie)

  4. You're a lover not a fighter, right Jack?

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  6. Actually, I do look a bit like a lion. RRRRRROOOOOOOAAAAAAAARRRR!

    I watched the Lucy Meets Porky video. Those big round hairy puppies look scary!

    Too many puppies are getting bitten - we need to start a moratorium on puppy biting - unless they are biting squirrels!

    The tall guy says I am a lover, as long as you're talking about the fuzzy pillow I like to 'play' with.

  7. I know all about those puppy park fighters. I got picked on a couple of times and it makes me scared to go in a dog park now.

  8. I agree - Lion !!!! Watch me Roar!!!