Friday, June 19, 2009

June 19, 2009

Won't You Come and Play With Me?

If you come to my house, we can play with the red ball and the soccer ball and the cloth frisbee and all the other toys that are in my 'toy box' (the tall guy says it is where I was supposed to sleep - but you know how that worked out). I can get the tall guy to put some water in the pool and we can play in that as well. If it's not too hot, we can play in the yard and have the tall guy chase us around and not be able to catch us. (I like that game - the tall guy, not so much!) If he's not looking, we can even eat a flower or two.

Then after we have played for a long time, we can go into the house and I can show you where I sleep (on the couch, and on the big bed) and we can take a nap until the tall guy gets our food ready. Then, after we eat, I'll show you how to go sit beside him and look at him until he gives us some of his food - his food is pretty good.
Maybe he'll even take us to the puppy park and we can play there too!

But don't come on a Wednesday night - that is ear cleaning night - unless you want the tall guy to clean your ears. He is very gentle and does a really good job!


  1. i'd like to come and play with the red ball and the soccer ball, the frisbee and your toys - but I don't want to get my ears cleaned.

  2. Thanks for the invitation Jack. I would love to come and play as it sounds pretty good at your place. I wonder if I could walk there from Australia!!

  3. Cody from Udall ParkJune 19, 2009 at 8:35 AM

    I would LUV to come visit you, Jack. As the tall guy how far you are from the puppy park. I dont play with frisbees, and dont particularly like water, but everything else (except ear cleaning) sounds great.

  4. I'll be there tomorrow!!!

  5. Jack is so much like Robin... sleeps on the big bed and has a soft basket where he is supposed to sleep... but now full of lots and lots of toys. Any person who visits us would be convinced we had a small child... we have - ROBIN! ...that's why I always refer to him such as.. 'just taking the boy out'!
    Robin will not share is toys.. last night he had 7 no less o the bed, ready for him when he sleps.

  6. Hey Jack - I am almost all better again, I would LOVE to come over. Heck Tall Guy can clean my ears, I don't mind....if I come though, i'd need to stay awhile, cause it's a LONG way mom says.

  7. We is gonna ask our momma if we can come over ta play. It sound yike a lot of fun over at your place. We're not gonna be there on Wednesday because we HATE ta have our ears cleaned but our momma gets it done somehow. Wonder how she does that☺