Saturday, June 20, 2009

June 20, 2009

Watching all my troubles, go swimming down the drain!

I will wash your puppy for you if you bring him or her to the puppy park. I am very good at making sure they get wet all over so that all the puppy park dirt disappears when you are ready to take them home in your car or boat. I only charge 2 cookies for each puppy (3 cookies if you're really big!)

However, I am not responsible if they go rolling around in the dirt or mud after they get the Jack-Spa treatment. Unless, you request the Jack-Spa mud treatment and massage! Then we can ALL get dirty.


  1. Sign me up for the complete Jack- Spa treatment, with extra mud, please!
    Wrooo wrooo,

  2. Dude...i'm sooooo there for the Jack Spa mud treatment, but without Mom....she won't be thrilled.

  3. Hey Jack, that is just what I do at the puppy park. I love to paddle my feet in the water trough too. We are alike us two!! I know I would like you.


    PS Mum wouldn't like the mud treatment though!!

  4. I like the Jack Spa mud treatment. I am your way!


  5. Jack - you look so sad

    Is the tall guy jealous? Does he want a pair of those shorts? Try Macy's!