Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 18, 2009

Well, your honor, it was like this...

I keep telling the tall guy we should go on The People's Court! with Judge Marilyn Milian (the hottest judge on tv). I could sue him for keeping my new Frisbee on top of the refrigerator where I can't get it. I'm pretty sure that's against SOME law. He also keeps the cookies and the treats in the top kitchen cabinet where I can't reach them either. I'm beginning to see some sort of pattern here! I told him that WHEN I win, I would give him some dollars so he could buy some new shoestrings (I don't know how the ones he has got all chewed up - it might have been a squirrel).

And I have no idea why the guy in the picture above is sitting on the table like that! Evidently, his peoples have only taught his front half not to get up on the table. The back-half lesson must be next week.


  1. As my grandpa would have said, he'sitting on the table back-assward! Funny Boy

  2. Bet it was the squirrel. Think you're right - the tall guy does seem to be keeping things where you can't easily reach them. Too bad!
    The guy on the table must have had an easy time with the front half lesson. The back half must be harder???
    Ernie & Sasha

  3. bottoms up.. bol... what a silly dog. my mom would have skooted my butt off the table and said, "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING DOG".. bol... that's a picnic table.. people are supposed to eat where your butt is...

  4. Kinda looks comfortable from his perspective

  5. i know a good lawyer for you if you need him -

    mom said she had a springer who used to sit in the chair like that - looks uncofortable to me

  6. We're at the dog park in the picture, so I HOPE no one is having a picnic on the table! :)

  7. I feel your pain, in terms of the tall guy keeping the treats out of reach. It's just not right! Good luck at the People's Court :)

  8. Jack,
    Tall guy makes me laugh daily!!! It must be superb to be owned by a human as funny as he is tall. The comment about 1/2 of the dog on the picnic table is HILARIOUS!!! Tall guy can certainly get inside the canine mind.