Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 25, 2009

You see what I have to put up with!

I keep telling you that all the little guys at the puppy park seem to think I am some type of toy they can just grab hold and chew on. Well, now I've got proof!

This little guy decided he was going to show me who was the boss. So, first he tries to climb up on my back. Then he grabs hold of my ear. Then he decides that I should carry him around for a while.

SO, being the nice, kind puppy that I am, I let him pull and tug for a while. I even rolled over so that he would think he was being the alfalfa male. He thought he was king of the castle!

It was THEN I decided to push him in the hole and cover him up with dirt! :)

So, next time you're at the puppy park and you see a puppy stuck in a hole, ask yourself what he did to deserve to be there. The answer may surprise you!

PS. No puppies were put in the hole during the making of these pictures! I made sure the tall guy turned off the camera WAY before I put him in there! (JUST KIDDING!)


  1. Jack you are such a sweet doggie - how nice of you to entertain the little ones

  2. ohhhh that looks like so much fun!!!
    I love to wrestle with other pups too!
    lost os licks

  3. Morning Jack,
    I can't decide if Tall guy captures the most amazing pictures...or if you just find yourself
    in the most unusual situations. In either case you two make a great team. I just lol when I read your posts. That puppy in the hole is hilarious, good job. Somtimes a fella just has to pull rank.
    Madi& Mom

  4. I think I've seen that puppy before. Wasn't he in the 'Lion King' movie with that funny kind of laugh?

  5. I think the little booger deserved some hole time!
    Wroooo wroooo,

  6. Cody from Udall ParkJune 25, 2009 at 12:32 PM

    Hey Jack, don't want to be mean to you (I LUV your posts), but don't you remember when you were just a "little" pup, doing that to all the other pups?????? I do, 'cos I was one of the ones you kept picking on. LOL.

    Incidentally, I won't let my person leave for the dog park until we have at least looked at your latest post -- even if there are no comments after it!!!! Keep 'em up!!

  7. Oh Jack - you tell him boy! Who do these little pups think they are anyway!

  8. Cody - Not me!! You must be thinking of another yellow lab puppy named Jack! :)

  9. Yes you ARE the yellow lab puppy -- You have obviously forgotten who I am!!!! I am devastated -- hoooooooowwwwwl. My person sits in a scooter, and I usually play with Rajah and Angus, too. Also, when she is there, I play with Jewels. Of course it has been some time since we have been there at the same time.

  10. Nice work Jack - I will utilize that technique the next time I run into a wild beast at the park!

  11. Jack,
    Where are you? I've been starting each day with you since you started your blog.
    Hope you're okay.
    Lucy's lady.