Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 10, 2010

here we GO!!

My big buddy Remington came up with a GREAT idea. He and I are going to start our own NASCAR racing team!! (No, tall guy, not NASTY CAR - I can't help it if you never vacuum out your car and the inside is covered in dog fuzz!!). So, we are going to get ready and enter the DOGTONA 500 this weekend!

I figured I would have to do the driving, since Remington is really big and muscular and he might not be able to fit into the driver's seat! (That's Remington on the hood of the car, or the bonnet as Ludo might say.) I figure if someone gets in my way, Remington can just come out on the track and pick up their car and move it so I can get around!!

So, look for us this Sunday on your teevees. We'll be in the RJ Racing team car (or maybe the JR Racing Team - we're still in discussion about that), sponsored by Remington's favorite food: Purina Pro Plan. See you in the rear view mirror!!!


  1. Snazzy Ride! I will tune into the race and cheer you two on!

  2. Who, when we are racing around the yard, we are forever bumping and grinding. But it is all "just racing."

    P.S. - the owner of Charlotte Motor Speedway is Humpy Wheeler. Why do I think that is so canine appropriate?

  3. Whoopeeeeee Madi and I will be on the sidelines cheering and waiting at the finish line when you two cross first!!! Great car design and decorations. Team JR/RJ are two man dogs to watch out for!!!
    Madi and Mom

  4. Be sure to buckle up!


  5. Woo-hoo! I hope you and TG have your hair cut in mullets ;-)

  6. Jack, just be sure when you win not to get too big headed and forget all us little folks!

  7. Jack -- you da man! WOW -- how did you get that car ready so fast? I can't wait for this adventure with you! I am beginning to think there is nothing we can't do together!
    Tall guy -- Beth here....could you share with me the program you use to do all this cool can email me privately at -- Thanks!

  8. A dog driving a race car... I have a bad feeling about this.

  9. Awesome Ride!!! Once the race is over, and the two of you are in the winner's circle, maybe the whole bunch of us can pile in the car for a picture. Can you just imagine a race car full of Newfs and friends? We can all say "M&M's" when they take the picture so that Kyle guy doesn't get his feelings hurt.
    Way to Go JR/RJ Racing. Next you need to customize the car hauler! Is the top prize paid in Kibble?

  10. So are you racing in the Nationbowlwide or the sprintdogcup? I will be watching for you in both of them. How many dog bones can you win? I hope you can race as fast as I can run!!!! Good Luck!!

  11. And if you need a break, you can always hose the bonnet down and make him fit in the car. I think it's a solid plan. We can't wait to watch you two on Sunday!

  12. Vroom.................Rooting for Car #72 on Sunday..Yeehaw!

    Licks from me..


  13. Go Jack Go!!!

    Drive well, and remember to hydrate.

    PS do you need any crew members?


  14. GentleDawgs-START YOUR ENGINES!!!


    May the best dawg win!
    Chester ;0=)

  15. JAck
    You look pretty snazzi driving there, Perfect car for a perfect team, I will support you guys cuz I am a NASCAR fan too!!! GO TEAM J/R racing team!!!

    A racing fan

  16. We get dizzy watching all those cars go around in circles...

  17. We watched, but didn't know you'd be on, but wait...I don't think I saw you...??