Monday, February 15, 2010

February 15, 2010

An Almost Live Report
from the DOGTONA 500!!

Remington and I got off to a great start at the Dogtona 500! We were determined to go all-out until we reached the checkered flag.

Since I had forgotten to get the tall guy to teach me how to drive, I kinda sorta messed up our Purina Pro Plan #72 car during the practice laps before the race. (Note to self: Left is <--- that way.)

But fortunately, Dale Earnhardt Jr. let us borrow his #8 car since he isn't using it any more!

We were having a great race - everything was going smoothly. Remington was leading the pit crew like a well-fed team of Siberian Huskies!

We were in the lead with only one lap left to go!

And then it happened!

How was I supposed to know that you can't stick your head out of the window during the race?
So, I got kinda got a little bit disqualified.

So, I think we have all learned a valuable lesson here.
First - learn how to drive BEFORE the race starts,
Two - Sticking your head out of a car window at 200 mph
is not really a good idea,
and thirdly -
Life is like the Dogtona 500.
Good friends stick by you even when you don't win the race!


  1. Kodiak says he understands. The humans always insist he is supposed to ride inside the car. But why?

  2. Hi Jack,
    Madi and I think you and Rem did a great or not you started the race and saw it to the finish. Great job!!! Each adventure is a learning experience.
    Madi and Mom

  3. What a ride! Thanks for making us smile this morning!

  4. Guess I'm going to have to become a Nascar fan if I want to catch Jack speeding on the track. Let's hope he doesn't try that on the turnpike!


  5. Hey Jack! Great job yesterday. I made it home just in time to celebrate Valentine's Day. You are such a great driver....I can't blame you a bit for wanting to stick your head out the window. That's just what we do! I don't understand why the judges didn't get that. The fans were REALLY upset! But what could we do? Have a great day my friend. Rest up!

  6. Did you catch bugs in your teeth at that speed? BOL!!

    Licks from me!


  7. Tsk, tsk, tsk... rookie mistake Jack. I'm sure you'll do better next time though. What an exciting day you must have had!

  8. Bet you left your competitors in a trail of drool! Let me know when you're racing at Infineon--that's just a hop-skip from our house.

  9. Obviously new rules are needed. First, impose a speed limit. What good is a car ride if you can't stick your head out into the wind? Have a pit stop every lap to jump out and chase tennis balls. Instead of the winner being the first one to the finish line, the winner should be the one to the finish line with the most tennis balls or frisbees? Bi-Peds get these things all wrong. It isn't who dies with the most toys, its "who has the most tennis balls".

    Mogley G. Retriever

  10. Looks like you had a ton of fun Jack..I am sure that you will do much better in the next race!!


  11. Looks like lots of fun!! How is a dog to know not to stick his head out the window!! I guess when going 200 mph, it might get a little tricky! Debbie and Hollydog

  12. Jack, I must remind you to wear a doggy helmet when you drive. We want to keep you around for next years race!

  13. I'm sure woo will get 'em next week!

    I bet woo will be lots of fun on the road khourses!

    Maybe I'll hit the race at Watkins Glen - Mom khan hit the wineries too!

    PeeEssWoo: Thanks fur the skhoop of kibble!

  14. How could you drive with your head out the window? Love the post!


  15. So where are you and Remington going to show up next? The Olympics, perhaps?

  16. Sooooooo funny :) Putting your head out the window is always worth it, right Jack?

  17. BOL and I'm hopelessly stuck. I'm not going anywhere. You even have our human BOL Well, she mostly spits out her coffee and snorts like a pig--even at your comments.

  18. oh jack do you have room in your fast car for a pibble with an adrenaline rush
    wags and pibble sugars
    the houston pittie pack

  19. Woof! Woof! LOL n Love it. It is really hard not to stick your head out ... Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  20. Jack, even on this "sad" day, you made me smile. Thanks for that. You do a really good job with the photos. I love the commentary too. Very witty! Thanks so much for your comments for Hana's family. They need the support right now. Much LOVE. You are a good friend. Woof soon. Josie