Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 16, 2010

Jack's Believe It Or Don't!
(It doesn't really matter to me!)

It's a fact:
Coyotes can not kill you simply by looking at you before 8AM!
After 8AM, you're dead meat!
We saw a coyote out in our neighborhood the other morning.
He was just standing in the middle of the street.
(The tall guy wouldn't let me go talk to him and say hello,
which I thought was awfully unneighborly!
Besides, he was so worried that the coyote wasn't going to be friendly,
that he didn't take any pictures.)

But then LO AND BEHOLD (there's that behold again),
what did we see in the park this morning,
but THIS:
That's right. It's a SPEEDIPUS-REX.
Actually, we see a lot of road runners.
I just thought it was neat that we saw it after we saw the coyote!
It's a fact:
Road Runners CAN kill a coyote
if they have a rifle with them at the time!

It's a fact:
I know it's hard to believe, but...
some puppies prefer NOT to have their picture taken!

"Don't take my picture!
Do NOT take my picture!"
"You want a picture - HERE!!"
(I was a little perturbed that the tall guy was taking my picture while I was trying to play!)
It's a fact:
Dog boogers will NOT stick to an expensive camera lens
until you are trying to take a good picture!

Look carefully at the next pictures. There WILL be a quiz at the end!
HMMMMMM, what can that be?
What do you mean, I'm not supposed to eat it???
One of my favorite buddies sent me this great card.
Here's the quiz!
If you can name the puppy who really likes SBSP,
you'll know who sent me the card!

That's right. It's my NASTYCAR buddy,

Hello, Remington!

It's a fact:
SpongeBob SquarePants actually lives in a condo in West Hollywood
with his mother and two cats!

And there you have it -

(From the tall guy:
And here's some more stuff to help you wile away your day:
I like the drive-thru one!)


  1. I agree with Remington, spongebob is one cool dude. I watch him everyday with the munchkins!! Yah Let the TG know when you dont want your pic taken and watch out for the bird thing there jack!!


  2. Wow, Jack, you are so smart with all of your facts and stuff. Do you mind if we take notes?

  3. Morning Jack and TG!!!
    Very informative post...are you two teachers...if not you should be. Wonderful picture of the Road Runner. Boy I had no idea coyotes would wander down into civilized areas. Sounds like they are looking for food in all the wrong places.
    Rem is one fine puppy friend with such a GREAT big heart. Are you all watching the Westminster Dog show? One of our Blogging friends Aunt is a judge in the Non sporting group. It was really good to see her last night.

  4. I remember road runners from when I was a kid traveling ole Route 66 thru New Mexico and Arizona on vacation. Then a couple of years ago, lo and BEHOLD, saw one right here in Oklahoma trying to beat me to school one day! Well, actually, that wasn't hard to do as I was dragging my feet. But anyway, Jack, you listen to that TG: coyotes do not want to be neighborly. Just turn your nose and look the other way when you see one. No, actually, turn your nose and run the other way.


  5. I don't believe the bit about the coyote for a second. What do you take us for? Too scared to take a photo, my foot...!

    The other facts are a bit tough to swallow, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

  6. I didn't know that the Road Runners could get a license to carry a gun....learn something new everyday.
    I hope the card tasted good. I put some seasoning on it before I sent it!

  7. Have you been reading Letterman's Fun Facts book?


    I'm headed back to watch the Subaru commercials again.

  8. scary! A coyote in the middle of the street! The tall guy was right about that one!

  9. Jack and the tall guy,
    You know we have the same friends!! We read the same blogs!! Let's be friends OK? I love your blog Jack!!! You came to my blog one time. You wanted to hear from my animals. Well my blog is written in the animal lover's voice mostly about them. But I can not speak for them. I can just tell you about them. I love your style of blogging!!! I love your sense of humor!! Can we be friends?

  10. Jack,

    I know! The peeps NEVER let me play with the Coyotes. I wonder why?? You are so right! They are TOTALLY harmless before 8am. It's a known fact that they are late risers and are too sleepy before 8am to do anything besides stop off at Starbucks for their morning espressos. Serious! It's a fact! =)

    Your buddy,


  11. I need to add another little known fact, Road Runners catch more Coyotes with anvils than with guns. They wait on the edge of the cliff until the Coyote runs under the cliff, then they drop the anvil on they Coyotes head. That is why Coyotes have flat heads. You learn a lot when the Bi-peds leave the TV on when they leave you alone.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  12. I bet the khoyote would love to meet us!

    Imagine the khool Walkin' Wednesday video we khould rekhord!

    We like the Subaru ads too!


  13. I think I'd like to investigate a road runner much closer so I will be sure to put on my bullet proof vest if I go huntin' for one.

    And what good are cards if you can't eat 'em I always say.

    I would have never guessed Remington was a Spongebob fan. To each his own. At least it wasn't that Hello kitty creature.

    Woofs and slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  14. Believe it or not, those were excellent facts we should all live by. I loved learning that a Coyote is safe before 8am. M always screams at me to stay away from them, but now, I don't have to. Meep meep. Thanks Jack

  15. Hey Jack and TG -- When the weather gets warm you guys should come to the park at about 4 am -- then if any sirens go past, you will hear the coyotes yelping; you will also see road runners and lots and lots of bunnies running around the enclosed dog area

    Hsve missed seeing you for the past few days

    Luv and kisses


  16. You should keep a road runner around to deal with the coyotes!

  17. Scary..a coyote in the middle of the street? The tall guy was smart not to take a picture! Love the roadrunner!!!

  18. What awesome new things I learned today...thanks Jack!


  19. Subaru is tuned in to dog lovers these days - and that's a good thing!

    Now let's talk about this roadrunner dude. He's way too happy for his own good... ;)

  20. Always did like Roadrunners... Mom hoped she'd see one when she was in Phoenix & Tuscon but they must have been taking naps. We loved today's post. It was fun & we learned things.
    Thanks for visiting us & voting for our rescue group. That was great!!!
    Ernie, Sasha, Chica

  21. Nice card, I would like to live in a pineapple under the sea...:)



  22. so thats where he lives
    thanks for sharing did it come with an autograph???
    and please to be careful with the coyote beleive it or not they might not be so friendly
    worried pitties in
    the houston pittie pack

  23. Wow, a coyote AND a roadrunner! I hope you checked the sky for falling safes ;-)