Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23, 2010

And the Pawlypmic Gold
for SITTING goes to...


And for all the puppies who are stuck in the house because of the snow:
This is called GRASS. It's what is under all the white stuff that is outside in your yard!
It will come back soon!

(This is a softball field near our house - it is not our backyard.
How can you tell?
No one has gone to the bathroom on THIS grass!)


  1. Finally, an event I could have competed in. Oh, well, Jack you earned the gold. That thigh action off to the side probably got you extra points

  2. You sit WELL :) Excellent work!!

    Green grass....ours will be brown soon..I think we skip green season in Texas.

    Licks to ya!


  3. Why would any pup want that green stuff when it khould be khovered in WHITE???

    Great sitting style!


  4. Well deserved gold medal Jack!!!

  5. Maybe it time you took a full bladder for a wander over there and change that?


  6. Excellent sitting position! But we do not have grass in our yard even when the snow goes away. We get straw - fresh straw every few weeks. Grass never survives the trampling.

  7. WOW! I could never get a gold medal in that event. You must have done extensive trainin' to be so good at it or else Tall Dude was bribin' you with treats.

    Our snow is disappearin' but is bein' replaced by sumpthin' about the same color as me. I know for sure 'cuz I've been seein' footprints on the kitchen floor the same color too. I never see green footprints. Huh! Wonder why that is?

    Woofs and golden slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  8. You got the GOLD, Jack! Woo Hoo! I don't think Tootie could have even entered that event yet, much less medaled in it. She fetch like the dickens, so if there is an event for that...


  9. Jack you are one excellent sitter. What may I ask were you looking at so intently? Good JOB!
    Before long you'll be hearing 'play ball' from your house. Remember they aren't talking to you...
    Madi and Mom

  10. Bet you would love to run through those sprinklers being a labradog and all.


  11. Well done Jack! You DO have it mastered! I have fond memories of that stuff called grass....

  12. Cool texture and color in the photos of Jack sitting. Did you use a filter on them?

  13. The grass looks inviting, but are there any of those giant, mutant ants roaming that field?!

  14. Oh, so...thats what is under our 10 ft pile of snow?? I almost forgot what it looked like. I sure hope to see it again, I love to kick my heels up in the green grass and make it fly in the air!! Good job on the sit!! You sit beautifully.

    Wags to ya,

  15. ooh can we go over and baptize that green yummy grass
    we cans have a baptizing party
    tee hee hee
    pibble sugars and wiggle wags
    the houston pittie pack

  16. So that's what graqss looks like. I seem to recall something like that at my favorite Park - but I can wait a ittle longer (not sure Mom can). Hear we're gettng another dose of the white stuff - BRING IT ON!

  17. That is a wonderful sitting pose Jack!! I think maybe someone might want to wander over to that nice green field...it looks too neat!!! Debbie and Hollydog

  18. Hey Jack,
    Have you ever bumped in to that gigantic Mastiff that lives in Tucson? Our dad says that he's flown over Tucson lots of time and sand is a lot more prevalent than grass. He says the the official color of Tucson is brown, not green. This is the time of the year to be in Tucson though. Dad likes it when he has to go out to the AMARG place in Tucson for his work job. Next time out there he wants to go to some Pima Air Museum to see a big airplane, a B-36 bomber. He also wants to go down to see a place called Tombstone, the town too tough to die, even if it's just a tourist trap. He's never had the time on any of his past visits. dad say's that when they went on a weapons detachment to MCAS Yuma he got to go out to the old Yuma Territorial Prison that the cowboys talk about in the movies. he says it probably wasn't a good idea to be in jail there.
    Thanks for the sympathy about all of our white stuff.
    - TBH&K