Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2, 2010

Do I look like a
to you?

Honestly, what is it with the names? Punkinhead? Really??
Sometimes when we get ready to go outside, the tall guy
will say 'Are you ready to go, Punkinhead?
Not even Pumpkin-head, mind you!
I don't even know what a Punkinhead is.
It is times like those that a full ignore seems to work best.

I already told the story of how I got my real name:
Sundancers Repairman Jack,
but just in case you missed it, I was named after a
really cool guy in a book
who goes around and helps people.
I don't remember him ever ONCE
being called Punkinhead!

So, how did you get YOUR name?


  1. I have similar 'names' but no Punkinhead -

    I was 'WHITNEY' but that is SOOOOO not a Siberian name -

    Mom always liked the name Kyra - and then she got this H thingie going -


    She's weird -


  2. Loki got his name "Retardo" when we Mr. Wild Dingo and I were at a training class at a warehouse one night... dogs were being trained on forklifts and in and out of isle shelving units, etc. anyway, Loki is very confident dog when I train him alone in a class setting, but when Juno joins, he's a bit hyper, but when Juno and Mr. Wild Dingo join together, well, he just can't keep his head on straight! he goes full-on retardo. Talks non-stop, yippin' yappin' jumping all around. doesn't know sit from a down. if they split us up in groups and then we rejoin, he freaks out when he sees Mr. Wild Dingo and Juno again like he hasn't seen them in 100 years or that someone is about to kill them if he doesn't go within 2.5 inches of their body space. Mr. Wild Dingo laughed so hard he just called him Retardo Montelban.

    Juno gets called the Fluffinator, because she fluffs her hair everywhere and she huffs at Mr. Wild Dingo all the time. Of course we call her Jodhpurs because she has them.

    if you mean their REAL names, Loki's foster names were Billie and Bobby which was just not good enough for him. He acted like a cracked-out dog, full of mischeif, he's naturally a Loki and looks like it.

    Juno foster name was Juna but i couldn't bring myself to say it that way so i just changed the "O" and also to match her to Loki. Both are names of gods/goddesses. Loki= god of michief & evil (he's not evil tho, just mischief) and Juno goodess married ot jupitor or zeus (can't remember)

    i can see you being called punkinhead. maybe your a punk in your head or something...

  3. I know! Those peeps are silly. Take my name: Sierra-dog. I was born in Sierra Vista, AZ and I am a dog. Poor peeps, they are not real big in the creativity department. But do we really need to explain to the world that I am a dog? I think other peeps can catch on by just seeing me- there is really no need for an explanation. And don't even get me started on the cat! Poor kid, he must have been picked on at kitty-school for THAT one!

    Punkinhead? That's kind of sweet. I think Tallguy likes ya.

    Licks for the sweet PunkinHead,
    Sierra-dog, (yes, I am a dog.. just in case it was unclear.) *snicker*

  4. Before I came to live with my family, I was named Sugar. My mom didnt like that and wanted to name me Betsy~After her indian grandma but the fam didnt like that. Mom searched names and meaings and she wanted a spunky,cute name and she found the name Jazzi, comes from Jasmine, which she thought was pretty and she thought Jazzi was kinda spunky, so Jazzi it is. They call me Jazzers, Jazz, when I am in trouble the munchkins tell my mom~~your dumb dog~~Oh, the things I put up with lol

    And you certainly dont look like a punkinhead!! Just keep ignoring and maybe they will stop!!

    Smilin here

  5. Wow - we have so many names (some of them are on each of the dog's pages on our website). Rusty the Rooster for his morning crowing abilities (Rusty, by the way, was supposed to be Boris but it just never fit his personality and we kept calling him that Rust Colored dog while we were working on a name). Queen Natasha the Evil because of her devious ways. Cheesewhiz (Cheoah's nickname) because it sounds funny.

    Cheoah's name came to us from a woman we met prior to adopting Cheoah who said she had a vision we would adopt a female Sibe named Cheoah, the Cherokee word for Spirit. So when we adopted this little red head, we named her Cheoah to make the prophesy come true. Since we live beside the Cherokee reservation, you would think we would have validated the translation, but we did not. Cheoah does not mean spirit. It means otter. So we have a dog named Otter and live in the one place that people would know that.

  6. Hi Jack,
    Madi is like you she gets called lots of things...first her given name is Madison....and we all wonder why she is a diva? HA!! Most times I call her Mads or Poodlehead, sometimes sweet cakes or baby girl. Don't ask me why?
    I think Punkinhead fits you like a glove. Speaking of gloves I lost one black glove yesterday. Next time you go to the puppy park have a look around for me.
    Madi and Mom

  7. At least your REAL name is cool, Jack. What kind of name is "Tootie" for a dog, huh? And then Mama's daughter calls me "Toots McGoots." But, I'm just a puppy, so what do I know?

    Tootie (and Liz)

  8. We live near the village of Byron, origional huh!

  9. Ellie got her name from the church she was sponsored by, all the church kids fund raised for the $1000 to name a puppy, then submitted 3 names for NEADS to choose from. Someone at NEADS told me she might have been named Eve, but instead they chose Ellie after the pastor's late Corgi.
    It fits her a lot better.

    Jack, I think punkinhead is a cute nickname, after all you do have a lovely chunky (and sort of round) head!

  10. Jack ask TG to read Dory's blog post today. It might answer your question of why TG calls you punkinhead.....HA!! VEry timely.
    Madi and Mom

  11. Woof! Woof!You might think I'm called Sugar cause I'm sweet doggie. Well, kind a but its more than that ... will do a post later. But for now, if you check my blog you'll find out why my mom calls me LOVE Face. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  12. I was named after the famous wrestler Bobo Brazil. Because I'm so tough (note from momma: not) and I'm black. Mommy and Papi said I walked with a swagger when I was a wee baby. Now momma says I swish, whatever that means.

    I was named Meja because I'm a precious daughter, girl. And mommy says I still am most of the time. Except when I'm bossing Bobo around!

  13. Oh we forgot Mommy calls us chickens now. Like 'come on chickens get inside it's cold!!!'

    Do we looks like chickens? no we do not!

  14. Jack, mom says you look like a "Cute-head," not a Punkin-head. I think Punkinhead sounds like you should have a mohawk and lots of piercings or somefing.

    I'm named after a video game character. Cloud, from Final Fantasy. He is almost as cool as me.


  15. Punkinhead! hehehe. Are you really a punk?!
    Darwin got her name, because the first day we met her (when she was 5days old) for fostering her and her brothers and sisters was Darwin's birthday. Our friend gave her that name, and it stuck! We tried to make a girly variation of it, like Darweeena but Darwin was much better!

  16. btw
    Jack! We have an award for you on the blog! Check it out!

  17. I'm British...get it ABBEY Road....Westminster ABBEY. I also have to answer to Abalisous, the Abster, Abbs, and for some reason (when I'm really cute) Sparky the Wonder Dog.

  18. Beth said she named me Remington after some guy on a soap opera and the Steal My Heart came after she saw me -- get it -- I stole her heart. Everyone thinks I am named after Remington Steele some other guy that was on TV. I think Beth watches way too much TV!

  19. BOL I finally found out how you got your name. And now, I get to be one of the first to officially call you Punkinhead! We have a terrible tradition with names in my home. It's the only time our humans argue. My older brother, wanted to name me Chupacabra which means goat sucker. Mother, bless her, put her foot down. She named me after the Twinkie Defense. My Linguini was originally a Daisy, but Daisy's smell good, hint, plus she moves like a noodle. Frankie...that's my mom's doing again, and she's been named after a hot dog, since she's part wiener. And this is the abbreviated version. You asked!

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  22. Had a typo :) I was Daisy... before I was adopted by Mom and Dad.

    Mom named me Olive ..inspired by Olive from Little Miss Sunshine and Olive the Other Reindeer. She taught preschool too long I think. BOL! It was almost to be Zelda..from.. sorry Cloud..what we think is the best videogame-- The Legend of Zelda.

    Licks from me OLIVE!

  23. I am having issues posting today it seems..sheesh!

  24. My mom wanted to use the name Mae and she liked how it sounded with Maggie so that's how I got my name.

    Maggie Mae and her mom

    PS Mom calls me pookie bear sometimes too, what's up with that?

  25. Oh Jack...at least you don't have a pumkin face like Bilbo does!!!

    My Mama and Daddy go to the movies too much. Bilbo is named after the hobbit of the same name and me?? Keep on Swimmin', Keep on swimmin'!

    Bilbo is very often called bony man cause he is so skinny and I am sorry to say that my Mama calls my Little Miss Poo Poo WAY TOO OFTEN!!!

    Hang in there punkinhead...I mean Jack!


  26. My M.O.M. and M.O.D. met a young lady with the name Mistaya and they liked it so much that they knew they had to name me that. But I have heard Princess Mistaya...Sweetie Pie...Puppy..etc. But I have learned that the tone of the voice is the most important. You never know...there could be a treat in that hand!!! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  27. well i got my name cause of the home security system name BRINKS
    and well mommish says im the worst home security system their is cause i'd just snooze through everyfurry thing teehee

  28. I think Punkinhead suits you...


    Shh, don't repeat this is anyone Jack. I was named Hughy by my first owner. HUGHY! Can you believe it??

  29. Augie and Ti have all sorts of nicknames, heheheheh. Some are cute and some are practical (Like "Biggun" and "Little One"). For their real names, we started off with Greek gods, then we wound up with Roman emperors. Augustus was the first emperor, so Augie got that name. Tiberius was the second emperor, so he got that name, since he was the second dog (see how clever we are?). We probably won't be naming a third dog "Caligula," however ;-)

  30. I'm not joking, I've got about 50 names and they are all too embarrassing to list here!

  31. I got mine because my mom is a brainiac and she likes to stand at the door and yell "Come in Mr. Abraham Maslow! Lets eat and fix one of your hierarchy of needs" She is such a dork.
    Love, Maslow the miniature doxie

  32. I got my name because the doggie daddy had before me passed away when she was really little like 16 months old from heat exhaustion and daddy and mommy wanted to name me after her and her name was kei so my name is keiko with kei in it!!

    wags and licks

    ps my daddy calls me poop stick and my mommy calls stinker and I dont think I stink!

  33. I got my name after Spiderman (a.k.a Peter PARKER) - so that's where I get it from - Mom's love of spiderman. All the humans around me call me all kinds of names; bear, pookie, cutie, pook - anyway the list goes on and on I think you get the idea. I love the name JACK!