Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 3, 2010

Hey, there's something wrong with this tomato!!

I don't know who did it, but I would like to THANK whoever told the tall guy about giving me a whole entire APPLE!!

Up to now, I just got the leftover pieces that he didn't want to eat (TG: not EVEN true). So, he cut out the middle of the apple (something about the SPEEDS that aren't good for me) and let me have the good part! So as you can tell from the picture, I was so shocked, I just looked at it for like 6 hours before I could even eat it (TG: not even true AGAIN - I'm going to have to start reading these posts before Jack puts them online. It was more like 6 seconds before he ate the apple!)

I do like these apple things better than the carrot things. I think the red looks better against my fuzz!

So, whoever it was that told him, thank you again! And could you tell him about STEAKS and HAMBURGERS next time?


  1. Did he inkhlude any pawesome peanut butter in the center of said apple?


  2. howdy jack
    we never did get your snail mail address
    we have your valentine kissy card weady for mailing
    our peemail address is
    apples sounds yummers
    lucky you
    the houston pittie pack

  3. MMMM That looks interesting? chomp chomp chomp


  4. Did darwin tell you? cuz i told darwin and gave her a list of things not to feed a doggie! most human foodables are fine. sadly, avacado (and pit) very bad for them, as are onions and garlic, tho if i cook something that has a bit of onion or garlic and give them a few bites, i don't worry. grapes of course, and raisins... and there are a few more items...

    glad you got the info from someone. we like seeing jack really healthy!
    wild dingo

  5. Jack
    That apple looks good. I will have to have my mom read this and see if I can have an apple or not. Wish me ruck!!!


  6. I think Darwin is the one to thank! Moose was confused the first time he got one too. Lots of biting it into smaller pieces and sniffing them which is what it looks like you did! I guess great minds think alike!
    p.s. Tell TG that Darwin's recipe actually calls for peanut butter in the middle ;-)

  7. Khyra is spot on - peanut butter replacing those speeds. Awesome.

  8. Yummy, we like apples too! We have a tree in the garden that they grow on and fall off of so we try to find them before Muzzle does and eat them. We're not allowed too many though because Muzzle says it can make us a bit stinky at the other end.

    Have you every had a tomato? The first time Muzzle gave me a cherry tomato (that's a little one, don't know if that's what you guys call them) I didn't know what to do with it. After a while Muzzle squashed my mouth gently to make the tomato burst in my mouth - she laughed at the face I pulled.

    Have a good day Jack!


  9. Tootie isn't sure about the apples, Jack, but she can assure you that when the babies at our house drop Cheerios on the floor, she makes a mad dash for them! Oh, and cottage cheese...NOT even going to tell you what that did to her, um, digestive system. Are apples good for your teeth?


  10. Hi Jack,
    That looks like one red delicious apple and soo good for you too. We'll put a bug in TG's ear about the steak and hamburger
    Madi and MOm

  11. My guys love apples too. But if they get some steak, watch out for your fingers!

  12. Apples? I LUV apples! The sound of a cut or bitten apple will get me running every time- even if I'm snug in my bed or miles away. They are the best!
    Loads of Licks,

  13. Apples??? Aren't they like..."good" for you Jack???


    PS from the Mama...Dory doesn't like steak or hamburger or any other people food except maybe chips and, of course, cheetos. Mama may try the apple (just a slice) and see what happens

  14. Tell TG to core the apple and add a spoonful of peanut butter! Yummers!
    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  15. Woof! Woof! I believe the tall guys read from my blog about the apple seed (when my mom made me some apple treats). Well, that's good he remembered. Since he did not remember to stuffed it with some peanut butter, I wonder why he didn't cut it in small pieces (bit size). Hope you enjoyed it! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  16. Mmmm. Darwin's favorite treat (besides steaks and rawbones of course)! Darwin's latest favorite (or at least she ate it)... tofu! Try that with Jack next time! heheh

  17. The best time of the year is when the garden is full of ripe tomatoes and the ripe apples are falling off of the trees in the back yard. We get to eat our dinner inside, then run out and pick our own dessert. I eat the whole thing, apple or tomatoe, but only one or two per day. They try to protect the tomatoes, but I think we got them all last year. Apples spoiled on the ground, we could not keep up. Unlimited snacks are great. But we don't get any in the house during the rest of the year. Could your people talk to my people for me?

  18. I agree with you Jack. I need mine cut into small pieces and hand fed to me. I like oranges and bananas also. I will get word to the Tall Guy about steaks and hamburgers too. I think they are obligated to give us exactly what we want....don't you agree?

  19. I hope you liked it..I don't like apples at all or bananas. I drooled today when I was chasing a squirrel...Hmmm why would I do that? I usually just drool when I want to eat something I can't have...Uh oh!

    Run squirrels..RUN!

    Licks from me!

    Olive :)

  20. Please sweet TG, get my furiend some Steaks and Hamburgers. They're as nutritious as tomatoes, um, apples. Oh, and please don't threaten us that you're going to sensor Jack. BTW I also love carrots and bananas, with the steak and hamburger, of course.

  21. Jack, thank you for the PSA and letting my Mom know I can eat a whole apple. She's been holding out on me too!! Lucky we are educated enough to learn these things because who knows when the humans would catch on?

  22. hey there Jack! :D
    yup I do love apples 2!