Saturday, February 20, 2010

February 20, 2010

We Interrupt This Blog
To Bring You
A Very Important Announcement!

I did not even know that you could make noise come out of your butt!
An E flat I think!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

(Of course there's a note from the tall guy explaining this! -
As I might have mentioned before, Jack is no different from most puppies in that he sometimes on occasion has G A S. Usually when he's sleeping with his back end aimed directly at my head. At 3AM. I now know where the term 'wake the dead' comes from.
However, yesterday, as we were watching the Olympics, Jack just decides to (how can I put this delicately) 'let one rip'! The most shocked look I have ever seen on his face appeared and he looked around as if to wonder "What in the HECK was that?". This from a dog who doesn't flinch at thunder. And it wasn't even major - it was more like a toot! But it was one of the funniest things I've seen him do in quite a while.

And now I've been reduced to writing about a puppy flatulence. Oh well.
If you're really interested in the subject, here's one guy you should definitely know about: Le P├ętomane).


  1. Sure, blame it on the khute handsome innocent khanine...

    Woo humans!


  2. Guilty dog barks first!!!

    Aren't we glad our pups can't type? We'd have no secrets!!!

  3. Loki's done that too. it's hilarious. i think i posted it once as his FB status... "Loki is staring at his behind, wondering why a noise came out of it."

    he still does it. hilarious. dogs are funny in juvenille way!

  4. Ha! My Airedale used to jump out of his skin when he let a loud one rip. The look on his face was priceless, "what's attacking my bottom?"

    Mango Momma

  5. While Tootie wasn't named because of her toots, I learned not to give her cottage cheese while she's teething! Bad idea, bad idea, bad idea! I didn't know little girls could be so...odorous! So, Jack, you're not alone. Just pretend it's the TG next time.


  6. Sadly, we can have quite the choir sometimes. And no one gets really concerned - except the human (though the first time Natasha did it as a puppy while sitting on a linoleum floor, you would have thought she was bit).

  7. BOL...Oh Jack, you poor thing....BOL

    I am soooo laughing with you dude.


  8. OH MY WORD that is so funny I laughed so hard my hubby said what are you doing. It brought back memories of Toto...he would do the same thing...look at tail then start running in a circle trying to catch the offender which he thought was his tail!!! THANK YOU FOR THE 'sweet' memories. BTW cats don't have gas!!!! I'm just sayin'
    Madi and Mom

  9. Oh Jack! What can I say -- I am still laughing! Way to start out my Saturday -- thanks!

  10. If it makes you feel any better, I had a mare years ago that whenever she, ummm, "let one rip" she spooked herself. It was actually very embarassing when riding in a crowd!


  11. Thanks Jack and the tall guy for coming to see me! The Camellias start blooming in late Nov. and bloom till mid March. Then they are just a pretty big bush until the next Nov. They live, well I have had one of my bushes 36 years, a very long time.
    I had a dog once that would do that every time he let one go and it never changed as long as he lived. He never figured out were the sound was coming from. Bambi is 12 years old and has yet to have any gas that I have ever heard.

  12. TG you seemed perplexed you're talking about g-a-s. Let me help you out. I'll talk to you about my Linguini. She has small toots, but she also has a small sphincter (starting to feel better?). Well, when she's sitting down, it sounds like a high pitched trumpet. Every time, she jumps up and looks around for the perp. She's been doing that for ten years now. I don't believe things are going to change. Next time, I can tell you about Frankie who toots under the covers, chokes herself up and then sticks her butt out of the covers on M's face...
    Enjoy the fresh air

  13. That is just really funny!!!! Poor Jack..where oh where did that strange noise come from anyway? Read the that was interesting!!! Debbie and Hollydog

  14. The innocent look of shock at those moments cannot be compared to anything :)

  15. Moose will turn around and look and then I will say 'Oh Mooses' and everytime he will get up and leave the room. Generally I want to leave too but it is hilarious to me that he only does it after I say something as if he is embarrassed!

  16. bol
    it must have been SOME toot for him to have taken so much notice
    good job jack
    we could really hang out now
    have a tooting festival
    pibble sugars
    the houston pibble pack
    guero, coco chanel, brinks, bella and lucky

  17. ahahaha
    too funny! but Pu does that too!
    usually he makes no noise... just tries to kill us silently...

  18. Funny you should mention cuttin' the cheese--last night Augie was sleeping on the floor next to my side of the bed when he let the biggest stinky rip--I didn't hear it, but oh mannnn, IT WAS THERE! I'm pretty sure if the lights were on, I would have seen an actual STINK CLOUD!