Friday, February 19, 2010

February 19, 2010

Doesn't everyone get to go on 3 hour walks?

Can I help it if there are so many smells along the way?

Hmmm, a 2007 golden retriever.
Tart, with a hint of woody smokiness.

Ah, here's a 2004 border collie.
Brisk, with just a hint of serindipity.

MMMMMMM, a finely aged 2000 husky!
I recognize this label -
it's a 2003 Sheba*.
Bold with just a dash of playfulness!

Hmmmm, this one is a bit confusing?
Hey, wait a minute.
This is just a regular old bush.
Why am I wasting my time on this?

* From the tall guy: Sheba is one of the huskies we sometimes see on our walk. She wants absolutely nothing to do with Jack as he is a bit 'rambunctious' for her. If you've ever seen a dog look at their owner with a 'Would you get me away from this crazy fool?' look, that is exactly the look Sheba gets whenever she sees Jack.


  1. Oh Jack!

    How I wish I khould enkhounter woo!

    Rambunkhtious is my trademark!

    Just ask my mom!


  2. Why does Ma get those looks sometime when I am barking at the other puppers to make them play? Are you telling me that maybe they DONT want to play? Madness...

    MMM sniffles... could do that all day but I the "GET!" "Come ON!" "Quick!" "Leave it" and a whole list of other interesting words. I can't help it!


  3. Ditto on what Khrya says about rambunktious! Juno and Loki would LOVE to tumble w/woo!

  4. Typical bouncy labradog, huh. I know what you mean about the sniffing. I don't know why the humans just stand around getting impatient rather than joining in the fun. There are so many things to investigate.


  5. Wow, Jack, I'm impressed! I need you along the next time I take Tootie for a walk. A 2009 Yorkie, playful with a hint of intelligence, needs a bath.


  6. Yup, that is our walkies too. We move along at a blazing 1 block per hour it seems!

  7. Jack you should go into detective work you have a very good news.......and Handsome friend the next time you see Sheba you just tell her not being friends with you is her loss cause you are a diamond in the rough with 1000's of pups and kitty friends.
    Madi and Mom

  8. Good nose! I run into doggies like that too. I figure if I just keep after them they will like me sooner or later....who can resist our charm Jack?

  9. pppfff
    I don´t even know why they insist on calling it a walk... it should be called a "sniff"
    Like... "hey pu, do you wanna go for a sniff??"

    By the way, apple pure it´s great! we (the humans...) eat it with meat :)

  10. Jack you have such a refined palette!

  11. That last bush has your name on it, Jack. What's that I hear about a certain Sheba? Next time you meet up, I want you to be dashing and gentlemanly. The time after that, act like the crazy fool we know and love. Confuse the heck out of her... Tsk tsk, she wants nothing to do with our Jack.

  12. Gotta smell that pee-mail! I'd rather have a dog that's a crazy fool than a snooty patootie myself.

  13. I need to talk to my Mama about those three hour walks!


  14. First, yes, we get three hour walks - and sometimes longer. But only on the weekends. The humans have this busy-ness thing they do during the week so our walks are ONLY an hour. Sigh. Such abuse.

    Oh, and we would love to run into you.

  15. We've got one of those in our neighborhood, but ours is a Yorkie!


  16. Welcome to the club Jack. I have one of those 2 houses down the block, a little westie named Molly. I just want to play and she turns her head away and snubs me everytime and looks st her dad, like get me outta here away from this rambuncious outta control scottie!! Whatcha gonna do??


  17. Those were some great scent explinations Jack! Good sleuthing. Three hours sounds like a good walkie!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  18. Jack is great at smelling all of the world's newspapers. Love it!!!!

  19. oh Jack..we would have so much fun on our walks together...we are the same..BOL!!

    Have a super weekend!

    Licks from me!!


  20. You are so funny Jack! If only the humans knew the joys of a fine nose...

  21. aww i think she will eventually fall for his charming ways
    i see love in the future
    lots of pibble slobbers and wiggle wags
    the houston pittie pack

  22. We're always busy looking for pooh to eat...deer pooh, rabbit pooh, everywhere a pooh, pooh!!!