Friday, April 10, 2009

April 10, 2009

Maybe if I just eat one of the little ones...

the tall guy won't notice! I used to pretend like I was just seeing what the flowers smelled like, but he got suspicious when all the flowers started disappearing.


  1. Hi dear Jack!!!
    Nice to meet you!!!!
    We know lots of your you want to be our new friend???
    We live in Italy.....
    You look soooooooooooo beautiful!!!!
    HAve a great Easter Weekend!!!

  2. Yes, it is a slippery slope from sniffing to licking to devouring! Who can resist a bit of roughage now and then?

  3. The pink ones are especially tasty!!!
    Wrooo wrooo,
    ZAck, Sassy and Buddy

  4. Jack you are lucky! Flowers only get planted for a few months out of the year, so it's much more difficult for me to make it now look suspicious!