Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 8, 2009

The tall guy has caught me chewing on something that I'm probably not supposed to be chewing on. Can I come live with you?


  1. There is an epidemic of that at our house at the moment (! You can plead ignorance that you did not know it was not a toy but Teddy will tell you that only works so many times! It looks like you have mastered the 'looking cute whilst chewing on people things' look though so that is a great fall back defense!
    Dana + Moose + Teddy

  2. Hi,

    tell him that it was your first time... you deserve a second chance ;) You could make that puppy eyes that are irresistible for our mom's and dad's ;)

    Licks from Portugal,

  3. Awww you deserve more than a few chances - keep up those looks and for sure he'll forget about it and you'll be back at the park!

  4. Oh, Jack. You can come live w/me. Just don't eat my cats.