Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 19, 2009

OH..... now I get it!

Look what we got from Moose!

I told the tall guy we should go visit him and take him a cookie to say thank you, and the tall guy said that Moose lives in a far away magic place called the Florida Keys. He said it would take like 3 whole days to drive there, so I said I can run fast now, so maybe we could just run there. I don't know HOW the tall guy gets his eyes to roll when I talk to him some times, but I'm gonna practice it so I can do it too.

We also got this from Moose:

From what Moose said on his blog, this means I am supposed to tell you 10 honest scraps about me. I had to ask the tall guy what HONEST meant and he said it meant that I was supposed to be just like I always am, so evidently it means HUNGRY. (Hmmmmm, there go the tall guy's eyes again!). So, the tall guy said he would help me.

1 - I like to sleep on the tall guy's head. He says I'm not ready to sleep by myself yet, so he makes me sleep in his bedroom. So, during the middle of the night, I will climb up on the bed and make myself comfortable. ON HIS HEAD. He has a very nice head.

2 - I love bagels. I didn't even know what they were until like a month ago, when the bagel store opened up near our house, but I'm sure glad it did. The tall guy won't let me have a whole one, but he gives me some of his every time!

3 - I can't jump in the car yet. The tall guy has to pick me up and put me in the back of the car when we go somewhere. He says I'm getting too big for him to pick up, but I tell him he's just being plum-t lazy. (I have no idea what it means; it's just something he says!)

4 - I do have a tendency to bark when I want attention. Especially in the car. ESPECIALLY when we're going to the dog park. The tall guy says it's the longest 25 minutes of his life! I told him he must have a really boring life!

5 - I love Cheetos too, but the tall guy won't hardly ever give me any. I wish they made a Cheeto-flavored dog food.

6 - I don't mind taking a bath because at the end you get to play hide-and-seek with the dry towel! And you get rubbed all over.

7 - I like to tear the tags off of all my toys. And if they don't have tags, the feet or ears will do.

8 - I like to stick my nose in the shower when the tall guy is in there. For some reason, he doesn't think it's funny.

9 - I get pictures taken every day since I came to live with the tall guy. He said something about having 4 million pictures of me. I asked him if that was a lot. He said he could never have enough pictures of me. Yeah, it just about made me cry too!

10 - Everyone says I'm the happiest puppy they have ever seen. I got a great house and a great family and Cheetos. What's not to be happy about?


  1. Wrooo wrooo Jack,
    Loved the Bach joke, but we had to explain it to Buddy...
    Congrats on your awards!

    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  2. He He on the joke! You are one lucky pup for sure, a house and family automatically makes you a lucky boy, but having a tall guy who will let you sleep on his head, carry you in the car, drive a loud 25min to the park, give you a cheeto or two, well, what more could a pup ask for! Dogs with blogs are the luckiest dogs!
    Dana + Moose
    p.s. Moose is not buying that you "cant" jump in the car. He has seen your antics and thinks you look pretty agile! He says you are just pretending so you will get even more attention from tall guy! Pretty clever though!
    p.p.s I will give Moose a cookie and a cheeto and tell him it is from you!

  3. Congrats on your awards, jack!
    You definitely deserve it :D

    kisses and licks from Kiko