Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15, 2009

Give me some of that...

What is it? It smells really good! Give me just a little bit. One taste. You don't want it, I can tell. How come I don't ever get anything good to eat? Besides, you shouldn't be eating on the couch. If you didn't want me to have any of it, you would be eating at the table. Come on, there's not even enough left there for you to finish. Maybe it's not any good. If you let me taste it, I will check and see if it is ok to eat. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hilarious! I eat dinner on the couch and know that look all too well. Moose gets especially indignant when I finish and don't put the plate on the floor... as far as he is concerned it is his plate at that point! Jack is such a handsome block head! :-)

  2. Wrooo wrooo Jack,
    That is cruel and unusal punishment for sure...and you're being so patient and good...
    Hope you got the last bite,
    Zack , Sassy and Buddy

  3. Fortunately (or unfortunately from Jack's point of view), Jack isn't allowed to eat hamburger yet. I'm trying to keep him from becoming a 200 pound puppy! He's already about 75 pounds... and growing!

    However, he does like the occasional Cheeto, so I'm not completely immune to the puppy eyes!