Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13, 2009

A Day at the Dog Park!

I am very lucky, because if the tall guy has something he needs to do at home, he brings me to the dog park in the morning so I can run around and get tired and then go to sleep. If you don't have a dog park in your town, you should go get one! Here's what you can do at the dog park:

First, you jump out of the car when the tall guy tells you it's ok. But you have to wait until he can lock the car.
Then, you run up to the gate where you can see all the other puppies.
Then, you have to wait some more while the tall guy takes off your leash so you can run in and tell everyone hello.
Then, when he opens the gate, you run in and find a peoples to jump up on. Most of the peoples at the dog park don't mind when I jump up on them, but the tall guy keeps telling me I shouldn't do that! So, I'm working on that.
Then, you run around and see who is there. If you're lucky, one of your friends will be there and you can play with them for a LONG time.
Then, you go get some water.
Then, you run around some more. Make sure you run under the picnic table and bark really loud. All the peoples seem to love it when you do that!
Then, you go get some more water.
Then, you look around.
Then, you go get some MORE water. (Did I tell you the water is REALLY good?)
Then, if you're lucky, there will be a BIG mud puddle because of the rain. If you hurry, you can lie down in the mud puddle before the tall guy catches you. There was a white puppy there today who really had a good time in the mud puddle. They call him Brownie now.
Then, you go run after one of the balls that the peoples will throw for you if you ask them nicely.
Then, you wrestle with one of the puppies some more. Some of the puppies are really good about not biting you, but sometimes, you'll find a puppy who hasn't learned not to bite yet. You have to have a stern talking to THOSE puppies!
And THEN, after you've played a long time, the tall guy says it's time to go home. I try to be a good puppy and come when I am called, but sometimes I forget what I am supposed to do because I like to play so much. But the tall guy usually tells me how good I am doing.

The fun part is falling asleep on the way home - so I can be really ready to run and play with the tall guy when we get home! He says sometimes he wished we LIVED in a dog park. Sounds good to me!

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  1. Boy do we miss the dog park! Before Moose hurt his knee back in october we regularly did the exact routine you outlined except Moose did not jump on people, his trick was to hit the puppy pool then casually saunter over to the group of people and shake water all over them, or rest a drool covered beak on their laps. And luckily dog park people don't usually mind but I definitely frowned on this part of the fun! Cant wait until we can go back!