Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14, 2009

Sometimes, you just need to be silly...

Ever now and again, I like to make the tall guy laugh for no reason.
I'm a good puppy that way!


  1. That is the best part about pups...you make us laugh when we didn't even know we needed to!
    And yes, we are lucky that although Moose loves to chew his toys, he spits out all the pieces! Teddy on the otherhand has to be supervised and the jar had to be taken away before he got little pieces off. With all of the stuff he has eaten before i caught him i am surprised there has not been an ER visit though! phew, he is a handful!

  2. Jack,
    We LOVE your blog...so glad we found it. Our Mama writes about us a couple times a week on our blog, but not EVERYday. Your tall guy is really dedicated. We are going to go on strike until our Mama agrees to blog about us daily too. We think we are worth it.

    Love and licks from your New(f) friends,
    Katie and Louie the Newfie dogs