Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28, 2009

I am a holy terror...

I am a holy terror,
the tall guy tells me so.
Although he doesn't get TOO mad,
unless I bite his toe.

I like to eat his socks and then
I nibble at his knees.
I like to chew his favorite chair,
until he says 'Jack, PLEASE!!!'

I like to wake him up each morn,
By chewing on his ear.
But I guess I love him, even more
because he is my friend.

He rubs my ears
and belly too
and watches when I play.
I hope you have a tall guy too
wherever you may stay!


  1. Wrooo wrooo Jack,
    You're a poet and handsome!!!

    You can come chew on me...Buddy does it all the time and I kinda like it...

    Licks and sniffs,

  2. Awww those a sweet words...I too have a tall guy - but i'm a mama's boy : )


  3. aawwwww ;-) Moose does not have a tall guy but his mom is working on it!