Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1, 2010

Making Money!

I'm telling you! If we put these on Pup-eBay, we can make a fortune!!


Well there seems to be something strange about this puppy. I wonder what it could be?

From the TG: I can't imagine cutting into a cake that looked like a dog. Or THIS!

And just in case you missed it, here's a shot taken by the PUParazzi at
last night's world premiere.

Dory and Jack on the red carpet.
(Glamour is NOT dead!)

Excuse me,
I think that's Oprah calling...


  1. The Basset Hound is described as a sugar sculpture... not a cake. Apparently, there IS a difference (my assistant watches a lot of this stuff on tv.) She thinks the bride cake is really creepy and stupid and that girl must have an ego the size of TX. Speaking of Texas, what are you doing with my girl Dory?!!!

  2. From Budding Cowboy to Western Superstar in only 2 minutes.. Thats got to be a record, right?


  3. We're going on Oprah? I need to get to the salon with great haste!


  4. I have three observations Jack:

    Westward Ho is going to be a huge hit!
    You and Dory look amazing on the magazine cover.
    Those cakes are wrong is so many ways, especially the one of the bride-to-be.

  5. This movie is going to be fantastic! And the cakes????? WAY WRONG!!!

  6. I could never cut a cake that looked that real!!!
    Jack, Dory looked spectacular in her red frock it so complimented her lovely hair.
    Madi and Mom

  7. Yes, you and Dory look HOT!!!

    I've always preferred the end piece of cake, but not sure about that in this case...
    Happy Saturday!

  8. Brangelina never looked so good.....Dory and Jack make a cuter couple! Shall we now call you two Jory? or is it Dack?


  9. You both look GREAT! I am going out right now to get a copy!

  10. Un huh... nice try. I've heard that starlets will do ANYthing to get a good part... soon they'll be swarming all over you whenever you leave your doghouse... ah, the price of fame (I only wish it was me!) I'm not surprised that Dory is in the picture with you. She's always struck me as a small town dog with big dreams.

  11. Jack looks so cute with his money-scheme partner. Those cakes do take the cake. Jeffrey Dahmer having a cake like that, I could understand.

  12. Hey Jack, we are catching up with our many bloggy friends after our Anthem stay. Love the movie idea and sorry we didn't get to the auditions sooner. As you tweak the screenplay, Lady would like to audition for the only part she really knows; Queen of the DogPark. She would also be good at greeting everyone at the premier in Hollywoof. Her agent insists that her profile head shot appear in the tabloids. Also, love the Lets all go to the Lobby video. Wow, does that bring back memories. Funny, how innocent those dancing candy bars, drinks and popcorn looked compared to today's ultra-creepy characters like the Burger King guy peeking in your bedroom window.....YOW!

  13. You and Dory look so elegant on the red carpet - woohoo - yeehaaaaah! Burnin' is right! Cakes are incredible - but Maggie Mae's got it right on her numbah three! Creepy!

  14. Look at you Jack on the front cover of People! Hey Mom got a call from Ellen, I will get her to forward the info to TG. Wow this has started a frenzy! Happy Weekend.

  15. There is no way in this world that I could put a knife into the likeness of my little Mistaya and eat a chunk of her! eeewwwwh! Gail

  16. Wow! jack a star already!! the publicity will surely be very good for "Westerd Ho!'
    U look pawsome in that suit

    wags, gin n bud

  17. I especially hate when they make them out of red velvet cake - it just seems so gory to me...

    We are sorry we missed the premier!


  18. Jack, you look gorgeous in that suit - Wow!

  19. Ewww, that bride cake is gross. Maybe you don't actually serve it? (Sorry, couldn't bring myself to read the story!) I can't imagine getting a plate of nose or ears or... :O

  20. Ummm....uh oh. you mind letting Tank know we were just ummmm at the premier as friends??? You were a complete gentledog!

    Silly human cakes....I just say...Why??