Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12, 2010

Hey what happened to all my snow?

We went up to the place where I got to play in the snow a few weeks ago and look! Someone has stole all my snow! I looked and I looked and I sniffed and I snuffed and I could not find it!

So I told the tall guy we needed to get in the car and go tell someone that all the snow was missing! I wonder why someone would take all our snow.

But then as we were driving around, look at what I found. They must have forgotten this little-bitty teeny-tiny itsy-bitsy ooonsy-woonsy patch of snow. There's not even enough to play in! We were so sad, we didn't even get out of the car!

BUT then, we did something fun anyway. I will tell you about that tomorrow. Here's a preview:


  1. Jack
    Ewwww.. think I know what you did!!! I bet you had tons of fun too huh?? Dont worry that ole snow will be back soon enough


  2. And even tho you were wittling on about your snow, all I was focussed on was that ridiculous training bra you have to wear!

    Looking forward to finding out about your latest adventurisms!

  3. Just makes you love it more when you can't have it, right?


  4. We feel your pain, but Cheoah says she likes what she thinks happened.

  5. Morning Jack!!
    You are looking a little wet around the collar..did you find a swimming hole?
    Your coat is glistening in the sun.
    Madi and Mom

  6. Jack! We found some snow in the back yard this morning here in Denver. Maybe it is yours?


  7. They took all of our snow too Jack, not fair!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS I think I know how you had fun....

  8. Oonsy woonsy? Never heard that one before! Look forward to seeing what you guys did!

  9. Morning Jack:

    My mum's puter was on the fritz for a few days so we really couldnt get to read your blog. Boy, were we a couple of bitches (bol). Thank goodness it is fixed now so we can catch up with everything.

    pee ess: when are you guys coming back to Udall? We go much earlier now that it is hot!!

    luv Cody

  10. Hmmmm....let me guess......a nice pond or creek somewhere......sure looks like you had fun at wherever!!!

  11. Looks like you found some liquid snow!

  12. Oh My Dog!u went swimming swimming swimming!! what funsies!!
    too bad about the snow.We can come over and help u sniff out the thief u know if u want. we are pretty good find-outers.
    But then again, u can grab this chance to smell the flowers. maybe the thief will get bored and return the snow soon...?

    Bud n Gin

  13. It looks like water was involved and that is always good :)

  14. Aw Jack, you shoulda got outta da car and made yellow snow!


  15. Did you get to swimmin'?? You look all wet! I am off to find out!