Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15, 2010

I would like to introduce
My Best Non-People Friend:
Puppy Bed!

This is not my actual bed.
I only sleep on a California pillow-top mattress with the tall guy.

The tall guy says its name is
'Oh my dear God, would you stop humping that pillow?!!'

I guess that is supposed to mean something.
But to me it just means


  1. If woo khan't be with the one woo love, love the one woo are with...


  2. Jack....I have a bed JUST LIKE THAT!!!

    ...and Mama says the same thing as TG.

    Must be a boy thing!

  3. Jack too? Monty spends hours humping his bed when he comes to stay - then he gets up on my bed and sleeps with me.

  4. ?????

    Thanks for the disturbing picture I now have in my head.

  5. Oh... so it is your girl friend! Moose has only ever done that to his bed when this one kinda alpha male comes to our house... I guess he is showing off? My Brother's dog would do that everytime you moved the bed onto a carpeted area. It was usually on a wood floor or tile where he could not get the traction he needed I suppose but the minute you dragged it into the room with wall to wall carpeting he would go nuts until he was exhausted! Silly Boys! Has TG tried moving your bed to the tile to see if you stop?

  6. That guy that whispers on TV told Mom that she should "claim" my LLBean bed so I don't hump it. He says I'm tryin' to be Pack Leader when I do that. Like-YEAH! Somebody needs to take charge around here, might as well be the most capable (Moi), right?

    Whatever!!!, Dad's cool and lets me hump it every night after I take my final pee call.

    Woofs and humpin' slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  7. Oh, you are an energetic guy, aren't you? I don't hump my bed beclaws I am a lady and ladies don't humb beds or pillows, thank you very much! HeeeHeeee!
    -Daisy the Coonhound

  8. Mine was a bear...

    But I agree, the peoples beds are much more comfortable!

  9. Hey Jack, I think you are just suppose to lay your head on it....I'm just sayin'....

  10. Your poor bed!!!! Buddy gives all his "affection" to Sassy...poor Sassy!
    Happy Weekend!

  11. Boys will be boys...

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  12. All your readers are so "G" rated! We could go a million ways with this one, all down the gutter. So I'll just reiterate from yesterday--Jack, you're spoiled!!

  13. Jack,
    It is our opinion that TG likes to give very long names to things...we confuse you. Is it working?
    Madi and Mom

  14. You know, I think you and Sam have that same friend in common! We say the same thing to him - he has yet to sleep on it! It is also a sparring partner!


  15. JAck,
    A little TMI for that!! BOL, Everydog needs a good blanket/pillow for sleeping. Enjoy the new bed.


  16. I am also a proud member of the bed humping society. When the humans have dinner guests, they even have the nerve of hiding my bed - for fear of me embarrassing them with a performance. Not funny!

  17. Jack -

    I'm blushing. Your bed? Seriously? BOYS!


  18. I got it even better. I use those pillows that take your shape, but I'm too light for it. Funny name for your pillow-top mattress.