Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 25, 2010

Walking with Jack -
It's like eating tar!*

OK, first you need to stop like every 3 feet to sniff.

Then, when the person pulling your string says "Come on!", make sure you move your head up about 3 inches and sniff some more.
3 inch sniff..
3 inch sniff..

Next, we move to the vegetation area.
Look intently at one weed for about an hour.
Intense look...
Intense look...

Then right when you look like you are about ready to go,
Raise up your head and look at another weed,
like you have never seen such a sight in your entire life!

Wow, look at that weed.
I do think that is an 'austrailius anthropoliticus renumii'*

Then, when your person least expects it, stick your head in a bush and pull out a baseball!***

And that is how you should take a walk!

*(Note from the Tall Guy: I have NO idea what that means. I think he's gotten into the dognip!**)
**(Note from the Tall Guy: If cats can have catnip, surely dogs can have dognip!)
***(True story - I thought he was chasing a ground squirrel and then he pops up with a baseball in his mouth. Cool!)

Personal note from the Tall Guy:
Thank you Max, for all the times you made me smile...


  1. I've been on that same walk with Giz .. minus the baseball.

  2. My mom says I have these 'spells' too -

    I'm not sure what she means!


  3. oh and then for a better ending to the walk , take a nice walk in front of lotsa people and stop and toot and blame it the human tee hee hee we've done to our pawrents lotsa times
    tee hee hee hee

    pibble wiggles
    the pittie pack

  4. Hey Jack, thanks for making me smile today. I needed a Jack having fun fix. You delivered as usual.

  5. A dog after my own paws.

    Every sniff is necessary

    I believe you.

  6. When we grab something like that, we try to make sure it is still squirming. The humans really appreciate that.

  7. Oh Jack...we can see that you are an expert person walker!!! Sounds like you have TG at the end of his(your) string.
    ***Run free sweet Max we didn't know you very long but you and your mom touched our hearts.
    Madi and Mom

  8. Boy-dogs stop to investigate. Girl dogs just stop and stare. Even doing one's business outside take fur-evah!


  9. Jack -- we like to take our time! What's the hurry? I don't stop and sniff much I just like to stare at EVERYTHING!

  10. I like to say Ellie has the nose of a bloodhound...why else would she be able to sniff SO many smells, and detect the smallest trace of an animal??
    Sure made it more challenging to train her, that's for sure...I've never trained a dog that sniffs as much as she does...

  11. I really thought that was the Dory walk.....we just went on it this morning (also sans ball)

    Maybe it is the Dogs with Blogs walk???


  12. M.O.M. doesn't complain too much when I do a bit of sniffing. She knows I am reading the neighborhood bulletin boards. She says that I must not be able to read very well cause sometimes I have to look real close and take more time when 'reading'. hugs and wags, Mistaya

  13. Ha! Forget sniffing! There is too much to see and chase!!

  14. HI Jack! ooops, right mom. Never say that in an airport.
    HEY we are not IN an airport...geeeeez
    As I was saying, we are new to your bloggy and think you are a cool dude, and funny too. Hope it is ok if we "follow"you. (sounds kinda ominous doesn't it??)
    The Texas Sundogs

  15. Yay, between your blog and mine, we're full of dog training tips! The only difference is .... your blog is nominated on DWB and mine isn't. Congratulations, Jack and TG. Much deserved recognition, besides, it was good for my ego to see it as well. I mean, how many times have I left raving comments? Huh? :)

  16. I sniffed today as well...keep up the best pass time of all...three cheers for sniffing!

  17. Heys! I do the same thing, only I don't look so long and often pull out a chicken bone or poo or something equally yumzers to my mom's disgust heheh!
    Huggers xoxoxo

  18. Augie and Ti are somehow missing the sniffing gene... Maybe you got theirs :)

  19. Humans can be so thoughtless with their pulling on the strings all the time. I am glad to see you put your paw down and got a satisfying sniff, not to mention discovering hidden treasure.