Saturday, May 8, 2010

May 8, 2010

The results are in!!

I want to thank everyone for all their wonderful recipe suggestions from yesterday. Here are some of the best.

I received this one from several readers:

Quick and Easy Happy Puppy Snacks

Put nothing in a bowl and do nothing with it.

Thanks to Mr Koda MD, Maggie Mae, Ms. ~K, and the kissa-bulls for submitting this fine recipe! Evidently they are no better off than I am when it comes to their peoples cooking something special for them!

Then we have a selection from Samantha:

1 airplane

Go to Remington's house.
Get goodies.

MMMMMMM! Sounds good Samantha!

On a more delicious note, several puppies (including Dory, Brooke, and Mango) gave us some ideas for goodies that we can all share. You can find those recipes in the comments by clicking HERE!

PS: Our dear sweet reader, Beth, evidently did not remember the great pannycake fiasco of March 1 and March 14th of this year but she did give us a good place to find some recipes for puppies:

Thank you Beth and thank ALL OF YOU for all of your wonderful advices!!

On a very interesting note, one of our readers did not recognize the young gentleman from our May 6th post:

Not Mac.


  1. Thanks for loving my no idea idea! I might try the recipe with the aeroplane seems the most worthy with Mother Dearests horrendous "baking".


  2. Ballpark Franks are cheaper than an airplane ticket to MN. I'm telling ya, Ballpark Franks, Jack!


  3. Jack,
    I vote for going to Remingtons house. Think Beth would feed all of us????


  4. As I am reading your post, just a minute I have to wipe some of my banana split from my mouth, okay, as I was saying....Jack -- maybe you should go to school to become a Chef. Chef Jack, it sounds good and then you can cook for the Tall Guy. In fact YOU would be in charge and could cook whatever YOU want! Think about it! Whoops, droppped my spoon....

  5. Great recipes Jack! Thanks for sharing them with rest of us.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  6. Morning Jack...looks like you received very valuable cooking tips. Mom and I say any time we don't have to cook for ourselves it is a good recipe...Happy Saturday and thank you for you kind words about G-ma...she is doing well this morning.
    Madi and Mom

  7. Must have been a very young reader who didn't recognize the very young Mickey, or maybe I'm just very old... ;)
    Happy Weekend!

  8. I was worried you weren't getting much help in your last post...but seems you were able to eke out a few helpful tidbits. I had nothing to contribute, since I have a hard enough time catering to the picky tastes of the humans in my family. Part of the reason I probably like Cabana so much is that she doesn't require herculean efforts where food is concerned!

  9. Okay, I didn't recognize him either! I am all for going to Remington's house (except for the snow this morning!).


  10. Billy's meals are all homemade. Brown rice, hamburg and mixed vegs. Even the dad could eat that too! Easy! Make it once a month and freeze in portions!

  11. Jack you are was
    Commandment #11
    "As soon as thou feet touch the floor, thou shalt make up the bed"!!!
    Thanks for the smile.
    Madi and mom

  12. Those are funny recipes - I pick the plane too cause I know I'm not getting a nanner split at my house!

  13. Stopping by to say hello from Pet Blogger Hop! I am so excited to meet new Pet Bloggers thank you for linking up.

    Two Little Cavaliers,
    Davinia & Indiana

    We don't like the nothing in the bowl recipe you can only trick us for about a second by putting down an empty bowl. Mommy doesn't bake us treats either :(

  14. My husband and I actually saw Mac a Rooni at the Green Bay, WI airport a couple of years ago. He is still cute as ever!!

    I say that visiting Remington is Jack's best bet at nommies!!

    The Mama and Dory

  15. Actshually, Ninny's thought is the furry thought my mom has when I has to get a cookie for obedience. Franks - Ball Park, that is heheh!
    Hugs xoxoxo

  16. Great recipes, Jack! The airplane recipe is my fave!

  17. What do you mean somebody didn't recognize that photo? Huh? Oh, wait a minute, I don't recognize it either. Momma says it looks like some dude named Mickey Rooney. Who dat?


  18. Check out today's post for a yummers snack! I bet even TG could make this one! Directions are 1. shake well 2. dispense into nearest open puppy beak 3. repeat!