Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18, 2010

Do you want to see something cute?

It is a baby ground squirrel. There were like 80 bazillion of them in one spot and they were not even scared of me or nothing. Well, until I got close. Then they ran back into their holes. The mom was close by and gave a kind of a HUFF when I got too close. I guess she was telling them they only had a minute left to play. Well, maybe a minute and a HUFF! LOLOLOLOL!!

Speaking of cute, here I am out on a typical walk:

Do the roach...
Do the Princess Leia...
Smile for the camera...
Enough pictures already...
Just one more...
I don't WANT to go home...

Can you believe we only get to do this like 4 times a day?

And even more cute:
Here's a special puppy looking for his forever home.
Maybe you know someone who can help!


  1. Jack -- You are such a lucky guy --four walks a day. I only get two. Mom just learned about a little guy named Ben who is not as luck as you are. Ben is looking for a forever home and she thought maybe you could help him w a story on your blog or other creative ideas. Ben is with Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston. He is two kinds of dog, way cute and not even a year old. Please check him out tell TG all about him after you read his story on Luke's blog. You guys have tons of followers!!


    Thanks Jack!
    CRG in Colorado

  2. Haruff!! Your walks look as fun as mine, only I doesn't get to see groud squirrels! Lucky you!!

  3. Jack,
    4 walks a day?? You are one lucky dude!! And your pictures are so cute, you should really think about a modeling career!! You would be Top Dog for sure!!


  4. Jack,
    Do you mean to tell us TG ONLY takes you out to that very nice, green, shady, aromatic park 4 times a day? Madi and I hope you give him lots of hugs and kisses after each outing...you are a very lucky puppy...and as always very handsome!
    Madi and Mom

  5. What a nice dad you have! Four times a day, like WOW! Lucky dog! I sure love your smiles!

  6. Hey Jack-- you and TG are rescue rangers!!

    Four paw salute!!

  7. A baby ground squirrel? How adorable! Of course, he pales in comparison to your mega-handsomeness, Jack :)

  8. You are a lucky dog, Jack! 4 walks a day with lots of sniffing and playing sounds like dog heaven.....

  9. I gave you a blog award from Macy's Puppy Tales, check it out!


  10. We've met some of those AZ ground squirrels...sneaky and FAST little devils!
    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  11. Cute is not the word!! Those pics are fantastic! Jack you rock, or should I say TG cause he is the photographer. OK you both do.

  12. Jack,

    Four walkies a day? You are a very lucky pup!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  13. 4 walks a day! How lucky dog you are!

  14. Baby ground squirrel? You got to see a lot of those? I wouldda gone mad dog!!! Man, I only get two, maybe three outings a day - so cool you go out for 4!!! I saw this movie about Ben at the Luke's - sooooo hope he finds a furever family... am trying to think of a better place from which to place him - he's so smart!
    Huggers xoxox

  15. Hmmm, is it 4 walks a day, or 4 photo sessions a day? I suspect one would be much more enjoyable to Jack than the other!

  16. Jack youre too cute! And so are those squirrels!

  17. Jack, seriously, I'm packing my bags and moving in! Everydoggy gets WAY more cooler stuff than me. First, the CHEEZ WHIZ and now 4 walkies. Man, I am living at the wrong house! All I ever get are stinkin sugar peas and maybe 2 walkies and 1 zoomie off leash at the park.

    Clearly my momma missed the memo or something!

    Anyhoo, check out my bloggy because you have officially been awardified!

    Wags and woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  18. Jack we love the "I don't WANT to go home" pic. Your sooo cute!

  19. Oh Jack, you are such a Ham. You always have such a good time and bring smiles to all.

  20. Squirrels are not cute Jack... not even baby squirrels. If you think otherwise, then I'll have to ask you to turn in your dog papers to the authorities.

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  22. Life don't get much better than that! I'll just call you....Happy Jack!

  23. FOUR WALKS A DAY???!!!

    Gotta go and talk to Mama....
    Smileys and Snuggles,
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

  24. OMD Jack! That baby ground squirrel is not cute even a little bit! He is the enemy!!! Don't give in to the dark side!!! What mom? Did you just "SQUEEE???"
    Humans will never understand...


    PS. Jack, you are cute.

  25. Jack, that little critter is crazy cute. Just like the freckle on your nose :)

  26. You are almost the luckiest dog ever. Almost.