Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19, 2010

NOW you did it!!!

It seems that the tall guy reads all the comments that peoples leave on here and now he thinks that all puppies do NOT get to go on four walks every day.

I think maybe he just misunderstood what you were saying. So here's what I need for you to do.

I need you to tell the tall guy that you get to go on at LEAST 4 walks every day! (This includes you Madi!!)

And it would be nice if you could tell him that you get a nice big steak at least once a week, just for you.

Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.


  1. I am typing this for George, my famous border collie. George says that he goes on even more than 4 walks a day.

    And he's asking if he gets a prize for that. And he hopes that it will be a cookie.

  2. I usually get three so four is good!

    Maybe woo should ask fur bendy straws too -


  3. Since Daisy, our coonhound, lives with 2 professional pet sitters who take her to work every day, Miss Daisy gets,at the very least, 5 thirty minute walks per day and at the very most, 10 walks per day, AND she gets either pieces of chicken or cheese during her walks. No big steaks just yet though! So glad you are so concerned that your doggie friends get enough walks b/c it's the best thing for them!

  4. We get 27 walks a day, steak treats before and after each walk, and endless belly rubs between each walk. We are Siberian Huskies. Would we lie?

    P.S. - Payment can be mailed directly to our attention.

  5. I get one big one so far because I refuse to leave my yard. Mom drags me down the street if we are walking alone, but if daddy comes and I have someone to chase after I'll go forever. Mom says she can't wait until I like going for walks. Right now I'm good with my one walk.

  6. Morning Jack I read your S.O.S. I'm here for you.
    Ok here goes!!
    TG Madi here to tell you all about the 'perks' that come with my position as Diva in Residence.
    I take at least 13,000 steps a day (which is equivalent to 4 dog walks a day). We don't have elevator in the house and my box is upstairs as are my favorite sun spots and my food is downstairs. Ah now that I write this I see this might have been planned.
    After taking all those steps each day, I'm very hungry; therefore, I get a RIB EYE STEAK w/mushroom gravy and bake potato at least two nights a week.
    Respectfully submitted,

  7. Looks like 27 is the number to I take 35 walks per day. Saturday night is special... I have an enormous steak dinner, a nap, and then an extra walk.

    (you owe me)

  8. We never stop walking...walk, walk, walk, walk...they never let us rest!!!
    We get steak every night, daily visits to Dairy Queen, and we have our own TV!
    Our mom lives to serve us...
    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

    PS...hope Mom doesn't read this...

  9. Well Jack, I'll tell your tall guy that Ellie doesn't get a scheduled number, she just gets as many walks as she WANTS. Which is probably around 20, usually....So we're walking all day long!

    And when we get home there are two freshly cooked steaks all for her. Sometimes if she's lucky, there are three....

  10. Dear TG,

    We gets 100 walks per day. We get steak bites each time we turn a corner correctly and then go straight.There is normally a whole chicken waiting for us upon our return followed by steak for dessert.

    Please do not shaft poor Jack. Obviously the poor pup is wasting away from no steak.

  11. Ooops... my bad! We walks all day long and then gets a steak dinner (medium rare) every night.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  12. Aww poor Jack! Don't worry, I think your life might get much better after Tall Guy reads the comments your friends have left on this post already. I'd like to help you out too, but I cannot lie - my poor doggies only get three walks a day, every day, regardless of weather or other commitments. Well look at that, turns out I can lie. So yep, might as well make it four (just for you). Tall guy - all of my dogs and foster dogs get walked four times a day each - that is the MINIMUM I would ever consider - you should make sure that Jack gets at least four walks a day, every day, for as long as he wants. And a steak dinner - or maybe sometimes substitute chicken for some variety. Otherwise Jack may become known as the sad dog that is so much more deprived than all of his doggie friends, and I know you wouldn't want that!

  13. Jack, I think you are mistaken -- it's FIVE walks a day that you HAVE to have! The Tall Guy MUST do this for your well being! AND it is a MUST that you get a steak or whatever you want off the menu THREE times a week! I am not making these things up -- they are in the book!

  14. hi,
    we live in Brasil, in a house with a big garden, so we can sniff and dig all day long (even in the flower garden)
    and here we can walk on the street any time of the day
    we just bark at the gate and our dogsitter opens it and we go run on the street
    and we have enourmous cookies everytime we want either.

  15. Oh wouza! All these great comments!
    Well....I was going on probably 4 a day when I was a totally spazzy pup...I'm a little older now, and do big play times, and hangouts....some walks, some ball throw... Truthfully haven't tried steak yet but sounds yummy. :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  16. 5 walks EACH a day

    Steak for ALL 3 meals a day, complete with loaded baked potato

    ....and then we wake up....

    Smileys and Snuggles,
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

  17. Apparently, I won't be blogging anymore. Mom will spend all her time barbequing steaks for me and taking me for walks. I love you Jack!

  18. TG: 5 walks a day minimum is required to keep Jack happy - oops I mean all dogs happy. Also, Jack is that why you mentioned the steak for my birthday?? Lots and lots of steaks TG!

    PS: Jack - hope it helped.

  19. Oh clearly our momma is mistaken from yesterday because we take at least 10 WALKIES A DAY! and too keep our energy high so we can accomplish !) WALKIES A DAY, she fork feeds us N.Y. Prime Rib cooked medium rare piece by piece. NOMMY! NOMMY!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  20. hmmm....I think we can round ours up to 15 walks a day.
    Morning Potty
    After Breakfast Potty
    Mid Morning Walkie
    Mid-Mid Morning Before Afternoon Walkie
    Mid-Morning Potty
    Early Afternoon Explore
    Early Afternoon Potty
    Early-Mid Afternoon Sun Bathe
    Afternoon Potty
    Afternoon Walkie
    Afternoon Fetch
    Late Afternoon Snack Potty
    Late Afternoon Stroll
    You get the point?
    ..WOW look at the time!!
    Time for our late afternoon early evening potty break!!

    ~Texas,Bubbles & Pompei

  21. Oh and we eat Steak for Breakfast!

  22. Tootie doesn't get walks right now...she's in season and I really don't want 100 other dogs following us home. She never gets steak, but I do mix a little chicken broth over her dry dog food. That's as good as it gets, Jack. Sorry!


  23. I get to take a thousand walks a day and after each walk I eat a big nice steak. After the big nice steak I get to go back outside, roll in the mud, and come back inside and lay on the humans beds. Yes, this is how my day goes, every day. Yes, Yes, Yes! :)


  24. I get 4 too (and I am not just saying that). Morning, noon, dinner time and one last time.