Friday, November 19, 2010

November 19, 2010

And now,
one final episode of
Cooking With Jack!

You can find all kinds of good stuff to eat on a stick.

We got pancakes on a stick.

Pizza on a stick.

We've even got popcorn on a stick.

Well, today's recipe is the best of the best.

Are you ready?

Today's recipe is

I can hear your mouth drooling all the way over here!

So simple, so easy to fix and yet OH SO TASTY!!

Step 1: Find a stick.

And there you have it.
I told you it was easy.

Just make sure that the tall guy
doesn't see you chewing on it,
or else he will take it away
and throw it into the cactuses where you can't get it.
Oh, it's ok if you just CARRY it,
but, heaven forbid,
you might accidentally chew on it a little bit
and start hacking when you swallow some of the wood.

And now, a short play about sticks.
All dialogue guaranteed verbatim.

Me: Cool, a stick. I shall bite it.
TG: Drop it.
Me: Oh, it's ok. I won't eat it.
TG: Drop it.
(I chew just a little off the stick
before I drop it.)
TG: You'll get no sympathy from me.
I told you not to eat the stick.


So, I hope you've enjoyed this week's recipes.
Tune in next time when we discuss

Until then...


  1. Oh Jack, that's very clever! All the food does look good but I too think the stick thing is really thebest!
    M.O.M. said you should take a week long vacation and stay with us and we can go to the beach everyday you are here!!!! And you could even bring your stick and we could have loads of fun with our sticks.
    She did mention something about getting here on something called a 'Greyhould'? You would ride a Greyhound all the way here??? Man, that's really strange! I think you are probably a bit to large to fit on a Greyhound. I know Bambi the Greyhound and I am pretty sure she wouldn't want to carry you all the way here!!
    But give it some thought and maybe we can figure out something!
    Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  2. I love sticks! Tall Guy just doesn't understand....carry it but don't chew on it!? Sure....when they can watch football and not care who WINS!!! I'm with you jack

  3. Great recipe, Jack! This is one of Ziggy's favorites. But that's probably just because I never let him try the pancakes and sausage, or pizza, or popcorn on a stick. Otherwise I guess those would be his favorites. Maybe if TG keeps going to the grocery story to find ideas for your blog, he will keep bringing home new foods to try!

  4. I am just wondering- Jimmy Dean does not actually have sausage rolled up in a chocolate chip pancake do they?
    I like sausage. I like pancakes. I like chocolate. But all together?

  5. At the moment we're just sitting and staring at the first picture. Pancake, sausage and chocolate. Christmas has come early.

  6. What about the one you prepared earlier?
    I agree, option 1 looks droolicious

  7. Morning Jack!!!
    Next time TG tells you to drop the stick..tell him there is 'Fiber on a Stick'!!! MOL

    Madi is horrible about trying to eat pieces of leaves brought in on our feet this time of year.
    Do you think 'drop it' will work on her?
    Happy Weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  8. Jack,

    There is nothing like a good stick! Mom let's me have them sometimes but I can't run with it in my mouth, it makes her too nervous.
    Happy Friday!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  9. When I was a little bitty baby dog I chewed on a tree and got bark stuck in my throat. I gots to have a serger (I think that's a sewing maching. Maybe I made mommy a dress!) - BOBO

    (from mommy - He had to have surgery to remove the bark Jack so be care with those sticks!!!)

  10. Jack, if I was you, I would drop the stick and ask for a Pancake-Sausage-Chocolate chip thingy on a stick! That is a whole lotta yum!


  11. Why that's about right...sticks are made for puppie's mouths...a chew and a crunch...yesss!

  12. I love sticks! They are my favorite....maybe a little peanut butter on them! Yummy!

  13. That first one had hidden poison!! Jack, someone has it in for you!

    Stick on a stick sounds best, what's a little things isn't worth doing if they don't cause a little coughing.

  14. hee hees... 'dat sounds like 'da conversations 'dat Mommy has wits IzZY and Anakins outsides ALL 'da times... not me's toes.. I good Josie... hee hee

    Oh... 'da foods loooooks Nommy and IzZY lookin' over my Josie shoulder bump breafin on me's too.. now hers in 'da kitchen getting cookies!!


  15. Stick on a stick! I don't know, that sounds like a complicated recipe to me. Not sure I have the right equipment in my kitchen.

    LOL, for real.

  16. I'm sorry, but I couldn't get past the first picture. CHOCOLATE CHIP pancakes wrapped around sausages?! SERIOUSLY? Someone had to come up with that idea, and sadly, someone else said, "Yum! Let's make 'em!"

  17. Jack!
    Forget that stick... that btw I hope is now out of your throat and go for those pizza and pancake sticks!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. Nows dis is a recipe I can actually follow...I don't ususally do directions but dis is easy peasy!
    When can I look for your recipe book?


  19. That is too funny. So there is a little gacking and coughing involved. It is so worth it.


  20. See me an Pompei eat sticks alla time and NEVER hacks up anythings. Its all in da way you chew it!