Sunday, November 7, 2010

November 7, 2010

Hello friends.
This is your lucky lucky day.
It seems that SO many of you wanted the
deluxe edition Goodbye Jack Mercedes:

that the factory decided they would,
just for one time only,
make a bunch of them.

So, now all of you who left
a comment yesterday
saying how much they would like one,
can now get one.

For only $18 bajillion dollars.
(Plus shipping and handling)

So, send all your monies to me.

If you have changed your mind,
you have to send me money anyway.


  1. I don't know - I need to know how many bales of hay I can fit in there first. Do you have a Goodbye Jack truck by any chance?


  2. Sam has an excellent point!

    I mean, how many transport passengers khould Mom fit?

    Do woo fursee a SUV edition?


  3. 18 bajillion dollars? Sounds expensive!
    Let me check with my mom if we can buy one, ok?
    Happy Sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Oh...that's a lot of bajillion monies...we'll stick to mom's new Subaru :) Do ya have a small goodbye sticker we could buy for more like ...50 cents? :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  5. You can have the money but we'll keep the biscuits.

  6. Jack. No way! That vehicle is not mastiff sized. Maybe you could make a SUV edition?


    P.S. Check out my bloggy today. I think you will be surprised. You were caught on digitals. I have you now.

  7. Not a problem. We are writing a check for just that amount. Send us the car, and we will send you the check. Grins.

  8. I haven't got a bajillion on me right now. But I did buy a Power Ball last night. Maybe I won.

  9. The check is in the mail...
    Can I get a pink car?

  10. Did you hear that disgruntled sigh just now? It was me, Jack. The Hub says I must hang onto my little red Honda with the 140,000 miles on it for a couple more years. And here I was licking my lips in anticipation of leather upholstery and a good bass sound system. Oh, well, my hair's too short to blow in the wind anyway.


  11. Morning Jack....My bank,BOM (Bank of Madi), will be sending your a money order in the amount of 18 bajillion dollars...ASAP....BUTT Mom said to tell TG not to spend it until he sees it.

    MOL Madi

  12. Gees...I'm not 1st in line...must be the time change. No matter, I still want mine!

  13. Do you take the Discover card?


  14. I seriously hope I am not too late! Do you take PawPal? Cool, then order me two, you can choose the colors, although I would prefer none of them to be pink.

    Me and Mom have been readin' the last couplea posts and think this is such an original idea and slogan, but I can't figure out why Mom has those salty juices runnin' down her cheeks. She must be sad that he Hello Kitty is "so yesterday" Either that or she can't afford her very own Goodbye Puppy Mercedes. Mebbee I'll let her ride in one of mine. Mebbee....

    Woofs and goodbye slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  15. This all smells very fishy to me... but hey, who doesn't like fish?!!!

  16. That sounds reasonable to me! Good work Jack :)

  17. How about 10 bajillion $$$ & make it an SUV??

  18. Whew!!! I am certainly glad I didn't make a comment that day... I have saved only 15 bijillion dollars stashed under my doggie matteress! I guess I will have to keep saving. Maybe I can get the 2011 model instead?
    Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  19. As much as I would LOVE to see Goodbye Jack SINK that dog-awful Hello Kitty crud, I just don't see the brand coming out in a car. HOw about a Goodbye Jack plastic purse first?

  20. WOOOOOOHOOOOO! OH! I am so very much excited! Okay, I just haves to know if you will take my mom's magic plastic card? I'm gonna go get it outta my mom's purse right now.

    Wiggles & Wags,