Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 21, 2010

More Places
I Am Not Allowed To Go

Do you see this?

That's right.


Can you believe that we have FENCES
in the house that keep me from going into certain rooms?

There's one going into the room with all the books.
There's one going into the room with all the piano.
There's even one going out into the yard,
but I figured out quickly how to get to keep that one open.
(Some people don't like getting up at 3AM
just to let me out to go to the bathroom.)

So with this in mind,
I have written either a poem
or a country song.
And it goes something like this...


by Jack

Fences blocking all the rooms,
Fences I do hate.
They stop me from going in,
Don't even have a gate.

I wish there was a doorknob
on every fence I see.
Cause sometimes I need to go out quick,
Especially when I have to
fix some tea.

(See you thought I was going to say PEE, didn't you? BOL!!!)

So darn those fences,
What a pain.
I should be free to roam.
Here's hoping you don't have fences
Anywhere in your home!


(Did you ever notice if you say a word a lot of times,
it starts sounding really strange?)

I don't know why they bother me.
It doesn't make no sense.

So throw away your fences dear.
Put them in a pile.
When there's no fence to block my way,
That really makes me smile.


  1. Don't fence me in...

    Give me room to roam...maybe even all the way to Nome...


  2. Heartfelt song, Jack. Keep your day job.

    We assume you've tried the usual: digging at the fence to pull it loose from the bottom; chewing on the fence; jumping on the fence to pull it over? You're a strapping lad; tried jumping OVER the fence? Ramming the fence? We confess we have not found a way to defeat these nefarious devices, either. Let us know if you find one, ok? We could patent your system and make a fortune peddling it on the internets.

    Jed & Abby

  3. Kiska scoffs at a single fence (she goes straight up and over without any real effort)., so we actually have double fences in places.

  4. We don't have fences, but we do have force fields. Like in the sleepy room. If Master is in there I don't dare even set a toe in (of course when momma goes in there alone to get ready for walkies it's a different story).

    I think you are an excellent poet. Keep fighting for your freedom to roam!


  5. Very good song, Jack! Our boys only have the fence around the yard...


  6. Jack do you realize you are not neeked and I don't mean your collar...Sweet friend you are wearing a shirt...Holy Cats I hardly recognized you not neeked!!

    Ok that being said...we like your poem, well done! Fences are useless in a Cat house. MOL
    Hugs Madi

  7. Close your eyes and run at the fence at high speed. None of them last for more than a couple of minutes of you get the technique right.

  8. Great song, Jack! Thank God I don't have fences here.

    Thor x

  9. Hey Jack! I thinks we got that same fence here at my house! And sadly, it is between our 'dog room' at da back of da house and the entire rest of da house!!! So we have to be 'invited' (her word, not mine)through da fence to roam the other rooms

    My new sissie has a GREAT talent fur jumping da my momma has been in a snit about having to redesign our fence situation!

    I'm gonna be singing your fence song all day long!

  10. Fences in your house??? I have never heard of such a thing!
    I do have a fence outside my door but I like to think that it is there to keep the very large mean dogs that roam the streets once in awhile out of my yard. But inside? That's weird, really weird!
    I hope you can make the great escape soon!!!
    Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  11. Love the poem...but what's with the shirt?
    Did you think we wouldn't notice?

  12. Stanzie says, "Have no Fear, just jump that fence like a Deer"

  13. Yeah Jack, we have a fence, too. IN OUR HOUSE!! It used to be our puppy pen so we're still really afraid of it. It's in front of our front door. Yeah, like we'd run out or something.. geez....

    Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  14. Mr Mojo Risen - fences, fences, fences

    Yea, we like it.

    Ask Santa for a doggy door for Christmas. We KNOW you have been a good boy Jack....right?

  15. Jack!
    Sure there are lots of fences inside your house!
    I have only one... and its purpose is to avoid me... going head down the stair! Ooops!
    Happy sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. I agree. I have fences too. Any ideas on how to get rid of em for good?

  17. Awesome song Jack, I particularly like the chorus!

  18. LOL! Best poem/country song ever!!!!


  19. JUMP JUMP JUMP!!! I jumped mine.. never saw that fence again!!

  20. Well Jack, the only fence I have in my house is by mom's desk, so I don't go underneath and chew the cords and stuff. My obvious question to you is...Why don't you just jump them dude!


  21. I don't know where my comment went, Jack. Can you find it for me?

    Anyway, I SAID that I had gotten behind on my blog reading and went back several posts to catch up with you. My, you lead a busy life, Jack. Cooking. Catching baseballs. Writing hit songs. All Tootie does is look for places in the house to poop. Is that talent?


  22. It's even worse here, Jack--we have INVISIBLE fences inside!! The boys aren't allowed in the living or dining rooms, so we trained them with indoor "pods" that send signals to their invisible fence collars. Just don't tell them that we took the pods away long ago, so nothing is really stopping them from going into those rooms. It's like MAGICAL invisible fences!

  23. No fences in my house. Shut doors though. They pretty much the same.