Saturday, November 6, 2010

November 6, 2010

It's the
Semi-Annual Labor Day

Holiday Thanksgiving
Clearance Sale

here at
The Goodbye Puppy Store!

Come shop for bargains like these:

Goodbye Puppy Lunch Box
complete with
Goodbye Puppy Thermos and
Kooky Kanine Krunchy Kookie Keeper

Goodbye Puppy t-shirt
(or if you're really short,
Goodbye Puppy Dress)
Neck Included!

Goodbye Puppy Dinnerwear
Never eat off the floor again
(unless you want to!)

Goodbye Puppy Bedroom Ensemble
Now you can see Goodbye Puppies
everywhere you look!
Every time you wake up,
you'll see nothing but
Goodbye Puppies!
Puppies, puppies,
millions of puppies!

And for those with
more discriminating tastes
(that means lots and lots of money!)
The amazingly chic
Goodbye Puppy handbag.
You can use it to carry all your
hamburger home from the grocery store!

The Personalized Goodbye Puppy Mercedes
(If you buy it, you have to give me a ride in it!)

And for our most exclusive customers:

The Goodbye Puppy Bone
This bone will be delivered to you
in the personalized Mercedes shown above
will be pre-chewed by none other than

Goodbye Puppy himself!

You can also shop at my PETSY store!

So hurry in today.
Supplies are limited.
As a matter of fact,
supplies are so limited,
you are already too late.
Everything has already been bought.


  1. Jack!
    Everything sold??
    I never come early!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Noooooooooo.....
    Waaaaaaait!!!! We not tooooo late... say it not so... okay.. we will take one of evfuryting!!!

    When 'da Mommy is done laughing she get her old purse wits 'da money and we's shall makes 'da purchase!! 'den her sport 'da new Goodbye Puppy hand bag and be 'da envy of 'da block!!

    Daddy can try to drive her new car!! hee hee...
    We need some sham wows for daddy in 'da goodbye Puppy so him can wash mommy's new car!!

    Okay.. now if yous still has Puddles Billing info.. just bill all dis to hers... hee hees

    Josie Posie

  3. Boy Jack
    Looks like you have to corner on everything!! You will be one rich Dawg when the bazillion orders come in!!


  4. Goodbye Puppy is taking over!! Watch out, Hello Kitty!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  5. What a simply beautiful range of goodies you have.... sorry had Jack. What a pity, we would have bought the Mercedes.

  6. Jack - The word chic doesn't do this range of must-owns justice. How about mega-chic ?

  7. Well, those bones are certainly tempting. The I can bitey you virtually. Nom, nom, nom.


  8. I always love reading your blog, Jack. I call it Jack's Daily Dose of Fun!


  9. Funny - when we scrolled down and first saw the handbag, well, we did not think it was a handbag. We thought your products had gotten a little exotic.

  10. Well Jack, when you gets a good idea you gets a good idea, right?

  11. Morning Jack
    Madi never buys a handbag unless there is a convertible Mercedes to match......this is our lucky day.
    Happy Saturday (wet and cool here in Dixie).
    Madi and Mom

  12. I didn't see the one item I crave. A Goodbye Puppy coffee mug! I would want one to go with all my "teacher" mugs. Think about it. Teachers everywhere would want one. You would make a mint!!

  13. Mornin' Jack - how 'bout takin'some bak orderz - Shiloh wantz a crate of thoze bonez an'still needin'stuffiez fer Shasta, wait a minute - just give us sum thoze pillow shamz an'we can put stuffin'in them an'she can haf sum BIG stuffiez. Mom wantz the car an'the handbag along with a set of dinnerware - she will also need one of thoze shirtz when she drivez the car.
    Shiloh'n Shasta

    PeeS - wuzn't Labor Day like 'bout 87 daze ago?

  14. Dang it! I really liked the car. I was picturing myself, with the wind blowing my furry ears! My Dad would like a Goodbye Puppy Pickup Truck. Could you make one of those?

  15. Shoot! I really wanted that Goodbye Puppy bedspread. And the Mercedes. Oh, well.

    And guess what? I got your name in Jazzi's Christmas pressie exchange! Would you pretty please sends me a peemail with your snail mail address and anything that the Tall Guy doesn't let you have? My email is mayziegal AT gmail DOT com.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  16. Daaaaaaang...I is so freakin' far behind.
    PUUUUUUULEASE, I has to haves dat bedspead cuz you know I sleeps in crate.
    Oh and does you happen to has some stilleto heals fur short doggies?

    pees: can you tells me why my mum is snorting and rolling all overs da floor?

  17. is a GREAT website idea! Handmade items for dogs! Too bad the name has already been registered. I can see millions of dollars slipping through your fingers...but hopefully, you'll still make your millions with Goodbye Puppy merchandise!

  18. GOOOlly! Such a great idea. Don't let it pass you by!

  19. Where's the Goodbye Puppy "gotcha" hat? Bandanas? Leashes? Collars? Flip-flops? Gotta think big, m'boy, if we're going to share in all those bzillions of green papers you're gonnna rake in. Jed is also a little concerned at all the pink; not very dude-ly. So maybe an expansion into multiple colors? Get one in every color! Think of the marketing possibilities. Oh-oh! A Goodbye Puppy SUV, Mango-sized; think of the free advertizing! We volunteer to drive that one around, as soon as you furnish it. The corporation runs to providing free product to top staff, doesn't it? After all, you'll make it all back in increased sales. Really.

    Jed & Abby