Friday, November 26, 2010

November 26, 2010

After all that relaxing yesterday,
now it's time for

Even when it's too cold to play outside, or if you just like driving the tall guy insane, remember, it's always a good time for Bed Football.

Bed Football is just like regular football, except you play ON THE BED. And no one keeps score. And there's not a marching band. And no beers in the stadium. Other than that, it's just like regular football.
The object is to keep the football away from the tall guy. The longer you can keep it away from him, the later you get to stay up!
With extra added benefit of messing up the bed that the tall guy just made!!

So if you would like to join the BFL (Bed Football League), just let me know. Who knows? You might get to play in the Super Bed Bowl!


  1. I'm in!

    That is one game of football we will watch!


  2. Tootie might like that, Jack....if she could reach the bed, that is. I think she could play nappin' chair football. The rules would be the same. Except, there might be beers. LOL


  3. We LOVES bed football. We're in!!!

    Bobo and Meja (and not mommy)(every party has a pooper)

  4. Not for me. Looks like there is jumping involved. But glad to learn you are giving TG his work outs even inside.


  5. I like how you hop on the bed Jack. My humans need to get me one of those things to launch me up easier!

  6. Sign us up!!

    Max & Mia........can i play, Misskitty...??!!

  7. Since we are like our Mommy, we don't give a flip about footsballs, but we did notice your Daddy's bedspread. Our Mommy had one like that on her n Daddy's bed. We liked it, it was delicous. We chewed lots of pretty holes in it. And we thought it would look better without that edging so we chewed it all off too. She says we are POMD Something about mass destruction...

  8. Morning Jack and that looks like a fun game that could be enjoyed by kittens and puppies and their people....welll that is if their people weren't so peculiar about the bed!!!

    Butt actually we are quite impressed that you didn't mess of the bed too much.

    Happy Day after Thanksgiving and thanks for the
    heads up on that odd license plate. I expect you are CORRECT.
    Madi and Mom

  9. No band?!?
    No wonder TG doesn't like Bed Football.

  10. Wooohoo! Count me in!!!! I play it all the time!!


  11. I have a feeling Shiva would be excellent at that sport. She is the ultimate in jock-dom.

    I'll be a cheerleader!

  12. We want to play that game! I'm super good at keep away and Stanzie is a good tackler.


  13. Bed Football is our favorite!! Also bed squeeky toy, bed rope toy and occasionally bed pillow!!! We're in!! Since there are three of us, when we're really excited, like when Mom is putting on her w.a.l.k. shoes, we also enjoy "king (or queen) of the bed".

  14. Count me in, my friend! I would love to be the running back!

  15. I'm kinda impressed that TG even makes his bed ;-)

  16. Mom is a huge football fan....I can play !!!